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EVIL SPIRITS: How Joe Biden’s sister cleansed the White House of all things Trump

EVIL SPIRITS: How Joe Biden’s sister cleansed the White House of all things Trump

EVIL SPIRITS: How Valerie Biden Owens cleansed the White House of all things Trump

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President Joe Biden’s sister, Valerie Biden Owens, doesn’t mince words when it comes to former President Donald Trump. He’s someone whom she unapologetically calls “a small man” and “incompetent.”

As part of her brother’s White House design team, Biden Owens was not going to stop until she rid her brother’s home – for the four years of his term anyway – of anything and everything that the Former Guy touched — swapping out a portrait of Andrew Jackson, for the more dignified Franklin D. Roosevelt, adding busts of civil rights pioneers Martin Luther King Jr., and Cesar Chavez, highlighting those whose names are synonymous with social justice – moving the country forward – like Robert F. Kennedy.

For Biden Owens, the White House cleansing wasn’t just decorative, it was spiritual. It was her version of an exorcism, replacing any traces of the toxicity and evil that Trump embodied and surrounding him with positivity.

In her book, released April 12th, Growing Up Biden: A Memoir – Biden Owens describes Trump as someone who:

“didn’t just represent policy failure or erratic personal behaviors; he represented something darker, more primal, more insinuating, striking deeper into the heart of what makes us who we are.”

By her brother’s side since his first foray into politics, leaving her job as a high school teacher, Biden Owens knew the 2020 Presidential race would be unlike any political competition her brother has ever faced. She knew that it would get dark…dirty…that the typical mudslinging that most had come to expect in any campaign, would pale in comparison to what Trump and his team were going to do. And she was right.

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Biden Owens was POTUS’ campaign manager during all seven of his Senate runs, and, as Senior Advisor in 2020, was the first woman in US history to run a Presidential campaign. She is all too familiar with the game of politics and the ugliness that ensues. But even with all of that experience, the 2020 race was the first time Biden Owens had expressed hesitancy, questioning if her brother should run after all. In her book, Biden Owens explains why:

‘Because I expected and was not disappointed, that it would be ugly and mean, and it would be an attack on my brother, Joe, personally and professionally, because the former president is very intent on bringing my brother down.”

A former homecoming Queen, Biden Owens has been not just a loving sister, but a loyal and dedicated supporter and a big part of her brother’s political success. She’s Vice-Chair of the Biden Institute and the Biden Foundation.

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Exorcising her brother’s living and workspaces at the White House appears to have worked. President Biden has pulled the US economy out of deflation, and borderline depression. Job growth is the highest it’s been in decades. And unemployment is at its lowest. Millions of children have been pulled out of poverty, and he delivered on Trump’s unkept promise to invest in infrastructure. Broken relationships with our allies have been restored.

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Dignity, grace, and respect have officially been returned to the White House, thanks, in part at least, to Valerie Biden Owens.

Original source Vanity Fair

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