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MUST WATCH: Trump brags about Putin ties as Fox News shows dead Ukrainian bodies Russia massacred

MUST WATCH: Trump brags about Putin ties as Fox News shows dead Ukrainian bodies Russia massacred

MUST WATCH: Trump brags about Putin ties as Fox News shows dead Ukrainian bodies Russia massacred

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For a channel that has done its best to elevate Donald Trump to the status of a right-wing demi-god, Fox News didn’t do the disgraced former president any favors during his interview with Sean Hannity last night.

It was only a month ago that Trump stuck his engorged foot in his all-consuming mouth in his last appearance on Hannity’s nightly propaganda-fest by calling Vladimir Putin’s strategy in the Russian invasion of Ukraine “genius,” leading to considerable backlash from Americans horrified by the genocidal tactics and war crimes being employed in the war that has violated international treaties and law.

Last night, Trump did little better in his remarks about the fellow authoritarian who is currently globally reviled — and by that we mean Putin, not Hannity, although it’s easy to understand any confusion.

“I knew Putin very well. Almost as well as I know you, Sean,” Trump told his host.

“I will tell you, we talked about it, we talked about it a lot, he did want Ukraine, but I said, ‘You’re not going into Ukraine.’ He would never, ever have gone into Ukraine,” Trump boldly claimed, knowing that it would be impossible to fact check a hypothetical scenario like that.

It is a comment that would have been bad enough on its own, but the producers at Hannity’s Fox News broadcast made Trump’s excursion into performative braggadocio infinitely worse by accompanying Trump’s disembodied voice — piped in via a phone line — with brutal images of body bags filled with the remains of what were presumably innocent Ukrainian citizens who had been slaughtered by vicious and immoral Russian soldiers.

The frightening contrast between Trump’s words of political opportunism and the tragic footage on the TV screen may have eluded those clueless folks who continue to support the twice-impeached former president, but the reaction to this latest attempt to use his servile relationship with the Russian dictator as a cudgel against his successor and as a campaign bragging point has been as poorly received as his “genius” comment had been.

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At least some people see through Trump’s insane rhetoric. A begrudging thanks to Fox News to illustrating the idiocy of Trump’s words with such appropriate footage showing the ultimate outcome of his relationship with Vladimir Putin.

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Original reporting by Meaghan Ellis at RawStory.

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