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SAD INHERITANCE: Donald Trump Jr. outdoes his father in posting incredibly offensive Easter messages

SAD INHERITANCE: Donald Trump Jr. outdoes his father in posting incredibly offensive Easter messages

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On this most sacred of Christian holy days, the Trump family is going all out to prove that they have not the least bit of understanding of the religious values inherent in the messages of peace and redemption inherent in the Easter holiday. Anyone who saw the former president’s self-serving political attacks disguised as Easter messages has had the opportunity to understand just how reprehensible one must be to debase an important religious holiday in a manner completely antithetical to the teachings of the man whose resurrection Christian believers commemorate on this day.

Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., must have seen his father’s Easter messages and thought to himself: “Hold my beer!”

He decided to post an Easter greeting on Instagram that surpassed even the disgraced ex-president’s posts for its promotion of a message that is diametrically opposed to anything ever espoused by the Prince of Peace.

One simple image of Easter bunnies with flak jackets and automatic weapons — accompanied by nothing other than the caption “COME AND TAKE IT” and an #Easter hashtag — is about as offensive a message as any evangelical-courting wanna-be politician could possibly post…in a sane world anyway.

Jr.’s condemnable post inspired exactly the reaction among the denizens of social media as one might expect: disbelief, horror, and a torrent of denunciations.

Many Twitter respondents attributed Trump Jr.’s sacrilegious post to his alleged abuse of cocaine, a drug legendary in its ability to overcome any moral compunctions one may have had before over-indulging in the illegal, mind-warping stimulant.

Whatever Oedipal sense of competition Donald Trump Jr. feels for his equally offensive father, he can sleep well tonight knowing that he bested his dad today in the Easter invitational performative trolling contest on behalf of their deplorable followers.

At least both Trumps’ detestable behavior gives true Christians something to pray for today: swift indictments and convictions for both Trump Sr. and Jr. before the next opportunity they have for sacrilege.

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