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COGNITIVE TEST: Trump weighs in on his own mental competence at Ohio rally and it doesn’t go well

COGNITIVE TEST: Trump weighs in on his own mental competence at Ohio rally and it doesn’t go well

COGNITIVE TEST: Trump weighs in on his own mental competence at Ohio rally and it doesn't go well

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Every week about this time, we check to see what insane, asinine lies Donald Trump has unleashed at his now practically weekly rallies in his as yet officially undeclared campaign for the 2024 presidential contest that he is masquerading as appearances in support of his favored candidates in various congressional and state-level campaigns.

As the weeks go by, however, it’s become clear that much of what Trump has to say has become a boilerplate stump speech that consistently hits the same tired notes of lunacy to the point of his rhetoric becoming a repetitive “greatest hits” tirade about the 2020 election being stolen from him, Democrats’  badness, “lock her/him/them up,” culture war nonsense, and a deluge of self-aggrandizing anecdotes.

Trump’s speech last night at the Delaware, Ohio rally that he held to support J.D.Vance, his chosen candidate in that state’s Republican senatorial primary, was no different, so we’ll spare you a comprehensive recounting of his demented ramblings in favor of a few chosen examples of his deteriorating psyche.

First, there was a new variation on a long-standing Trump obsession with plumbing and water pressure. He’s moved on from complaining about underperforming toilets to the meatier subject of dishwashers.

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That one inspired a witty riposte from Never Trumper and Lincoln Project co-founder, the conservative attorney George Conway.

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In a part of his oration that could only be designated the “pot-calling-the kettle-black” section, Trump went after President Biden’s mental competence without a shred of ironic self-awareness of his own advancing mental decline. That decline is only highlighted by his declaration that the Easter Bunny was a political operative.

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Yeah, and Santa Claus is a Russian spy, right? I mean Russia’s close to the North Pole and all.

Trump also claimed a status akin to Noah Webster as he asserted authorship of the word “caravan.”

Trump’s sensitivity to accusations that his noggin just ain’t what it used to be is only emphasized by his repetition of the story of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test he took while still in office.

Someone should notify Trump’s doctors that he has failed the test on this go-round since he has forgotten that the words that he was actually meant to remember were famously “person, woman, man, camera, and TV.”

Still, Trump harped on about the test he took, apparently thinking that its results were permanent.

Actually, the test that he is looking for is called an IQ test, and it’s unlikely that he would be pleased with the comparative results he’d get if he were to take one of those, as Daniel Goldman, the former lead counsel of the Hosue Impeachment inquiry, intimated in a retweet of Trump’s statement, one of many social media reactions to this particular video excerpt.

Despite his demonstrated mental impairment, Trump continued his speech, pausing only to issue a new definition of communism when two lights in the audience went out.

The rest of Trump’s address last night you’ve heard in one form or another a thousand times before. Neither you, nor anyone else, ever needs to hear it again, but I doubt we’ll be so lucky.

Next week he’ll likely be back out there spreading his lies, idiocy, and evil intentions to more gullible MAGA heads, and our country will be the worse for it.

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Original reporting by Acyn.

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