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CRACKED: Kids egg struggling “People’s Convoy” at its destination

CRACKED: Kids egg struggling “People’s Convoy” at its destination

CRACKED: Kids egg struggling “People’s Convoy” at its destination

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The People’s Convoy – a copycat caravan of the Canadian truckers who protested our northern neighbor’s vaccine mandates – returned to California after a two-month, less than stellar, protest in our nation’s capital. But instead of being welcomed by cheering supporters, they were greeted by a group of egg-throwing kids.

After it began two months ago in Los Angeles, the People’s Convoy traveled almost 3000 miles to DC in protest of vaccine mandates. But with mandates being dropped around the country, the anti-everything protesters pivoted to calls for citizen arrests and “taking back” Black Lives Matter Plaza.

They did neither.

After an embarrassing two weeks spent aimlessly circling the city, the People’s Convoy will be remembered more for its mishaps than its accomplishments, including being held up by a lone cyclist, as Zachary Petrizzo of The Daily Beast tweeted:

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There were also reports that, stuck in traffic and unable to find restrooms to relieve themselves, the truckers had resorted to urinating on themselves in their vehicles. Huffington Post’s Jennifer Bendery:

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It was time to go home. But not before picking up a new cause on the way – California’s Democratic Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks’ proposed abortion rights bill. Although meant to protect women from criminalization due to abortion, the wording of the bill became fuel for right-wing misinformation and false accusations that the bill legalized infanticide.

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It was a claim thoroughly debunked by Reuters. A representative for Wicks was quoted as saying:

“Anti-abortion activists are peddling an absurd and disingenuous argument that this bill is about killing newborns, when ironically, the part of the bill they’re pointing to is about protecting and supporting parents experiencing the grief of pregnancy loss. No person should face prison time for a tragic pregnancy outcome, and this bill will ensure that prosecutions and investigations have no place in reproductive health care.”

The spokesperson went on to say that the “overall intention of the bill is to ensure that no one in the State of California is investigated, persecuted, or incarcerated for ending a pregnancy or experiencing pregnancy loss.”

Wick was prompted to write the bill after she learned that the Supreme Court would consider the Dobbs case — a Mississippi court battle that many believe could result in the overturn of Roe v. Wade. Wick shared her own personal story about how when she was in the middle of a miscarriage, doctors had to perform an emergency abortion, a procedure more common than not.

The convoy intended to protest outside of Wick’s Bay Area home, driving their trucks on a quiet residential street. But the use of bullhorns and horn honking didn’t go over too well with residents. The arrival of police forced the disruptive protesters to abandon their mission and head out.

Held up in traffic, those in the convoy were sitting ducks in front of a local Safeway where a group of kids purchased dozens of eggs and began hurling them at the truckers – along with a slew of expletives. Neither the vehicles nor those unfortunate enough to have their windows down were safe from being hit.

The defeated trucker convoy is reportedly heading home, to their final stop in Sacramento. Between pee-soaked and egg yolk-covered pants, let’s hope that stop includes a much-needed shower and a good laundry.

Original Source: Katie Dowd at SFGATE.

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