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FALSE FRONT: CPAC Chair just caught admitting Trump lost the election after lying to the public

FALSE FRONT: CPAC Chair just caught admitting Trump lost the election after lying to the public

FALSE FRONT: CPAC Chair Matt Schlapp just caught admitting Trump lost the election after lying to the public

American Conservative Union founder and CPAC chair Matt Schlapp lied to the American people, admitting in an interview with Axios that Joe Biden was the winner of the 2020 election.  Schlapp told Axios, “Joe Biden is my President, and I want him to succeed.” He went on to say “Look, Biden is in the White House, he won the election.”

This contradicts what Schlapp said in text messages to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in the days and weeks following the 2020 election. Schlapp is among those in Trump’s inner circle whose texts with Meadows were turned over to the January 6th Committee, revealing just how deep and wide the conspiracy went and the role Schlapp played in the GOP’s attempts to reverse Biden’s victory.

The day after the election – when ballots were still being counted – Schlapp texted Meadows:

“Please get 4 or 5 killers in remaining counts. Need outsiders who will torch the place. Local folks won’t do it. Lawyers and operators. Get using these states. Worried that ronna not in Mi.”

Meadows replied:

“I may need to get you and Mercy to go to PA,” referring to Schlapp’s wife, Mercedes, the former Trump campaign adviser and Director of Strategic Communications.

The next day, Schlapp was in Nevada giving a news conference in front of the Clark County Election Department in Las Vegas where Schlapp made unsubstantiated claims about people illegally voting in the state, telling the crowd “we have literally 9,000 people who voted in the election who don’t live in Nevada.”

It was a claim that was never proven.

In an interview on November 8th on Fox News, host Bill Hemmer pushes back on Schlapp’s claim of having proof of “thousands and thousands of illegal votes,” prompting Hemmer to ask:

“When do we see that evidence there of these thousands and thousands that you’re talking about?”

The evidence never materialized.

On December 1st, 2020, Schlapp insinuated to Meadows that he had proof to back up claims of voter fraud, texting Meadows that he’d be “happy to walk AG through our evidence. It’s overwhelming. ”

The continued pushing of “The Big Lie” played a significant role in the Trump supporters’ attack on the US Capitol on January 6th and the death of five people – including three officers. As the Dept. of Justice started making arrests after the insurrection, the path would lead directly to the White House, and now members of Trump’s inner circle are getting caught up in the investigation.

In Nov. 2021, Schlapp and his wife, Mercedes, launched the First Amendment Fund, hiring former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker’s law firm to defend those in Trump’s inner circle who help plan the Stop the Steal rally, including Mick Mulvaney’s niece, Maggie Mulvaney, and Trump campaign aide, Megan Powers.

When former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo confronted Matt Schlapp about his comments conceding that Biden was the winner after Schlapp spent almost a year trying to overturn the election results, Schlapp responded, “just because you fail in court doesn’t mean you don’t have a good cause.”

What Schlapp considers “a good cause,” most of us would consider a passel of dirty, self-interested lies.

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