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REVEALED: Lauren Boebert huddled with White House officials in planning meetings for January 6th

REVEALED: Lauren Boebert huddled with White House officials in planning meetings for January 6th

REVEALED: Lauren Boebert huddled with White House officials in planning meetings for January 6th

If you were to believe Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert, she had nothing to do with the January 6th riots.

“Let me be clear. I had no role in the planning or execution of any event that took place at the Capitol or anywhere in Washington, D.C., on January 6th,” she previously said in a press release.

It’s understandable why Boebert would want to distance herself. Who would want to be associated with a raging crowd of Trump supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to overturn legitimate election results, smearing their feces on the walls and chanting “hang Mike Pence” in the process?

Unfortunately for Boebert, evidence of her involvement is coming to light.

According to Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide for Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows who spoke to the Select Committee investigating January 6th, Lauren Boebert met with White House officials before the riots took place. At the meeting, they discussed ways for then vice president Mike Pence to decertify the 2020 election results.

Some of the ideas that according to Hutchinson were for what he described as “information about ways that they think the Vice President could approach certifying the electoral college votes” include stalling the certification of the 2020 election results or delaying the inauguration to “assert that Mr. Trump had actually won.”

Alongside Boebert, Hutchinson also confirmed that fellow GOP insurrection enthusiasts and Representatives Scott Perry (R-PA), Jim Jordan (R-OH), and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) were also involved, which probably explains why these efforts were unsuccessful and devolved into an idiotic mob aimlessly destroying federal property. As the saying goes: you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

The planners of the January 6th rally did indeed win their stupid prize, with their march on the Capitol turning violent and resulting in four people losing their lives, something that was brought up to Meadows on a January 6th text from Fox News commentator Sean Hannity. While he may have been worried in private, you can never count on Hannity to show an ounce of courage to speak out in public with his concerns and risk alienating his MAGA audience.

Boebert has refused to respond to requests for comment on her planning meetings to stage a coup against the American electorate, but her involvement was pretty obvious to anyone paying attention. 

On the morning of the riots, she declared that the event was equivalent to “1776” — an obvious reference to a violent revolution. She also led a tour of Congress prior to the riots that has been suggested actually served as reconnaissance of the building for the rioters. Fellow lawmakers even called for her resignation after she tweeted that Speaker Nancy Pelosi was removed from the House Chambers after the Capitol was breached on January 6th, leading to speculation that she was signaling to the rioters Pelosi’s location. 

The evidence is conclusive. Lauren Boebert, along with Marjorie Taylor Greene and other like-minded GOP colleagues, brainstormed together ways to overturn a legitimate election and disregard our constitutional process. They did not care about the will of the voters or our democratic process. They only cared about power for power’s sake. These people were —fortunately for us — too stupid to come up with a coherent and competent plan to steal this election, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are dangerous people to hold any sort of public office, nor does it bode well for the future when they may have learned from their mistakes the first time around.

Thomas Kennedy is an elected Democratic National Committee member representing Florida. He tweets from @tomaskenn.

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Thomas Kennedy
is a former reported opinion columnist and roving correspondent. He's an elected member of the Democratic National Committee from Florida and a fomer Director of Sunshine Agenda Inc. a government transparency nonprofit organization.

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