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ABUSE: Pennsylvania statewide GOP candidate ordered to stay away from his own house

ABUSE: Pennsylvania statewide GOP candidate ordered to stay away from his own house

ABUSE: Pennsylvania statewide GOP candidate Teddy Daniels ordered to stay away from his own house

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A statewide GOP candidate just got ordered to keep away from his wife and family after being accused of engaging in a campaign of systematic terror against his own family.

Pennsylvania Lt. Governor candidate Teddy Daniels (R) was forcibly removed from his home after a domestic dispute.

Accused of stalking, threatening, and abusive behavior, a PA court granted Daniels’ wife an emergency order of protection. The order also prevents Daniels from possessing firearms and requires him to turn over any guns that he already owns.

It’s a serious situation that is already prompting calls from fellow Republicans to have Daniels removed from the GOP gubernatorial ticket.

According to Rolling Stone, Daniels’ wife submitted handwritten notes to the court saying:

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“I am afraid of him and what he will do to me and our child.”

This after Daniels reportedly and in front of their child, grabbed her and threatened to kill the family’s dog.

In the current complaint, Daniels’ wife has accused him of following her, stalking her, and making threats in front of their son. Mrs. Daniels said:

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“He stalks me at work, screaming at me, making me cry. He cursed me continually, and our son repeats it to me. He has continually said he would throw myself and our son out of the house, and if he lost the campaign, I wouldn’t have a place to live in three weeks.

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Mrs. Daniels also alleges that her husband has threatened their son with “an ass-whooping.” And having a child with a woman outside their marriage – and giving that child, 12 years old, alcohol.

Daniels hasn’t shied away from reports that he was at the Capitol on January 6th and has used his meeting last year with twice impeached former president Donald Trump as a campaign point. Daniels on Twitter:

This isn’t the first time Daniels has been accused of domestic violence. Two other reported incidents show a history of intimidation and threats of violence. Daniel’s previous wife sought protection from a Maryland court for repeated harassment during a custody battle in 19992013.

Teddy Daniels is running on a platform of “family values,” and highlighting his military and law enforcement background, he was seen as a favorite to win the race.

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