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SEXISM: The deleted tweets of Nevada Treasurer GOP primary hopeful Manny Kess are found

SEXISM: The deleted tweets of Nevada Treasurer GOP primary hopeful Manny Kess are found

SEXISM: The deleted tweets of Nevada GOP candidate Manny Kess are found

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Republican candidate for Nevada State Treasurer, Manny Kess, has deleted tweets exposing his racist and sexist past. These are tweets that he denied ever existed. But the internet is forever, and Occupy Democrats obtained copies. Here are some of the deleted tweets that we managed to get screen captures of:

The term “snow bunny” refers to a white woman who exclusively dates black men. Other, more explicit tweets have Kess repeatedly using the term “gang bang” and joking about women in the sex industry being raped. When asked, Kess denied ever using the language. His tweets say otherwise. Kess via email:

“I gladly answered your questions but now feel you are reaching or trying to create a narrative that I do not appreciate.  So let me be clear:  I’m not racist, misogynistic, or any other form of disrespectful person.  Although far from perfect I do respect everyone.”

Some may disagree:

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Kess has made several contradicting statements in regards to his past, including the reason he was forced to close his restaurant. Although he blamed high taxes and an overbearing “radical liberal” New York government, court records show he was named as the second party in the civil suit filed by a former employee of his restaurant Torino’s Gourmet Kitchen and ordered to pay $8000 for unpaid wages and an additional penalty when he defaulted.

Kess filed bankruptcy in April of 2011 under his birth name, Emanuel Kessissoglou. Emanuel Kess, Manny Kess, Torino’s Gourmet Kitchen, Elena International, and Triad Restaurant appear as other known names.

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Kess owed nearly half a million dollars in taxes to the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance and to the IRS and had nearly $1,000,000 in unsecured debts. $454,000 of that was for a Miami condo in foreclosure. With personal assets totaling a little over $6,000 – including a $50 watch, a checking account worth $1,170, and a $3,000 Jeep Cherokee – one wonders how Kess managed to turn his life, and finances, around so quickly as to be jet setting in Vegas six months later.

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Here’s a small portion of the documentation that Occupy Democrats obtained.

It’s not just his financial history that has come under scrutiny during Kess’ primary run.

Kess’ campaign website lists his father’s death as his reason for leaving the Naval Academy after only one year. In an interview with iHeart Radio, Kess contradicts that with claims of a serious soccer injury.

I reached out to Kess’s opponent in the GOP primary, Michele Fiore. She had less than positive things to say about her political rival, saying in a text that Kess threw his “family under the bus” and that he is “not a truthful guy.”

Fiore forwarded me documentation of Kess’ financial irregularities and legal name change after the discharge of his bankruptcy.

When Manny Kess announced his run for statewide office, his platform promised transparency. Yet it seems as if Emanuel Kessissolou has been anything but transparent.

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