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BLINDED: Pollsters just revealed how much Republicans hate Joe Biden

BLINDED: Pollsters just revealed how much Republicans hate Joe Biden

BLINDED: Pollsters just revealed how much Republicans hate Joe Biden

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A recently released Economist/YouGov Poll reveals what 81 million Americans already knew – Republicans hate President Biden. Despite bringing the US economy back from the brink of economic disaster with record job growth, low unemployment, and higher wages, his successes aren’t reflected in his approval numbers, leaving many asking, why?

The answer is maybe in the name.

YouGov conducted a poll asking Republicans about the unemployment rate in two different ways. One asked them to assess the unemployment situation since the beginning of 2021, while the other stated the same question differently, asking respondents how unemployment has gone since the start of Biden’s presidency.

The results are telling. According to the poll:

“Republicans are less likely to say the unemployment rate has gone down when asked about it in the context of when Joe Biden became president, compared to being asked about January 2021. With no mention of Biden, 41% of Republicans say the jobless rate has gone down since January 2021, but only 28% say the same when asked what’s happened since Joe Biden became president.”

Since Biden’s inauguration in January 2021, the unemployment rate is down nearly 50 percent, dropping from 6.4% to 3.6% during his first 15 months in office.

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1500 voters, both Democratic and Republican, were surveyed in the poll, answering questions about the state of the economy, where voters see the country headed, and the responsibility they believe that President Joe Biden may have had. But semantics matter, and when asked about Biden’s job performance, Republicans were less likely to give credit where it’s due. When asked about unemployment, here’s what they had to say:

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Prior to the 2020 election, Republicans were already forming their narrative: how they believed they’d fare economically under the democratically elected new President. After it was evident that Biden would be inaugurated the following January, YouGov – in conjunction with ScoreSense, conducted a poll on whether or not voters believed their credit scores will improve. PRNewswire reported that:

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Nearly half (46%) of polled Republicans feel their credit scores will go down under President-Elect Joe Biden, while almost one-third (32%) of polled Democrats think their scores will go up.

According to Carlos Medina, Senior VP of Operations and Business Development for One Technologies, LLC – a technology and analytics firm dedicated to informing consumers on credit, financial products, and the resulting impact on their economic power:

“The YouGov survey confirmed that Americans tend to cite different reasons for their credit score improvements based on political affiliation. But the truth is, credit is apolitical.”

But unfortunately, in today’s politicized times, that fact is lost on too many.

View the poll here.

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