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SILENT: GOP ignores right-wing Supreme Court leak after bitter complaints over leaked opinion

SILENT: GOP ignores right-wing Supreme Court leak after bitter complaints over leaked opinion

SILENT: GOP ignores right-wing Supreme Court leak after bitter complaints over leaked opinion

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Republican Party leaders are furious that a Supreme Court leak exposed their partisan Justices’ plans to obliterate women’s rights, yet, they’re ignoring three conservatives leaking today from that very same court just days later.

The reason for this new, even more toxic brand of GOP hypocrisy is that, like the dog who catches the car, they don’t know what to do now that — thanks to the Supreme Court —their unpopular minority political agenda is about to be thrust upon 100% of Americans, most of whom resent their big government dictates.

Despite decades of anti-abortion rhetoric and theocratic demagoguery against a women’s right to choose, most Republican lawmakers have been mainly clutching their pearls about the leak of Justice Alito’s draft opinion rather than cheering the substance of the document itself.

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is the architect of today’s far-right extremist majority on the Supreme Court and went so far as to call the leaked opinion overturning Roe vs. Wade “an attack.”

In competitive districts, Republicans have offered statements supporting overturning Roe v. Wade as a bone to their base but have been cautious in avoiding placing abortion at the center of their campaigns, focusing on fake outrage about the leak.

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Why do I say fake outrage? Because they are highly selective regarding which leak they choose to be mad at.

A recent Washington Post article details how “according to three conservatives close to the court,” the five-member majority to strike Roe is intact.

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What Republicans are really worried about is the impact of overturning the legal right to abortion after fifty years of access in the midterms.

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A recent poll finds Democrats with a 5-point advantage on the generic congressional ballot, but that balloons to 13 points when voters choose between a “pro-choice Democrat” and a “pro-life Republican.”

While Roberts had sought to uphold Roe and Casey for now, the other conservatives in the court wanted to overturn precedents according to their right-wing and partisan agenda.

As legal scholar Steve Vladeck pointed out, this is likely the fourth different leak regarding efforts to curtail abortion access.

While the source of the bombshell Politico leak has not been revealed, and there is vigorous debate about whether it came from someone on the right or left side of the political spectrum, it is clear that this latest leak is coming from conservatives “close to the court’s most conservative members.”

It seems that Republicans have a lot of outrage when they need to distract the public from their attempts to roll back basic rights in service of their extremist efforts to impose their theocratic agenda on all of us.

That includes this fake outrage regarding SCOTUS leaks when it suits their narrative.

Don’t hold your breath to see the same intensity in condemning confirmed conservative leakers.

Here’s Professor Vladek’s tweet:

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