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SAFE HAVEN: Connecticut signs law that will make right-wing extremists explode in anger

SAFE HAVEN: Connecticut signs law that will make right-wing extremists explode in anger

SAFE HAVEN: Connecticut signs law that will make right-wing extremists explode in anger

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On May 5th, Connecticut became the first state to sign a reproductive rights bill into law – creating a safe haven for women seeking abortion from states that have banned the procedure. Activist Erin Reed posted on her Twitter:

The office of Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont issued a press release on May 3rd which stated:

“I am very appreciative to the majority of lawmakers in Connecticut who had the foresight to draft this legislation at a time when the right to a safe and legal abortion in America is in jeopardy. I am proud to stand up for access to reproductive healthcare and reproductive freedom. As long as I am governor of this great state, we’ll never waiver on the right to choose, and the belief that medical decisions should be made between a patient and their doctor. As soon as this bill is transmitted to my office, I will sign it into law.”

Connecticut Representative Matt Blumenthal (D-Stamford/Darien) took to Facebook in support of Gov. Lamont’s signing HB5414 into law:

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After Justice Samuel Alito’s draft Supreme Court opinion leaked — affirming the Republican majority court’s intention to overturn Roe v. Wade — states around the country have begun drafting legislation to protect women’s rights to reproductive health care and choice.

Connecticut House Bill 5414 protects not just a woman’s right to get an abortion but protects them from prosecution in the states they left to seek it. It also expands the types of providers eligible to provide abortion services, including:

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“registered nurses (APRNS), nurse mid-wives and physician assistants to perform aspiration abortion abortions (the most common type of abortion during the first trimester. This bill also explicitly authorizes these providers to perform medication abortions.”

The bill also establishes:

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“A cause of action that allows persons who were sued in another state for allegedly providing, or receiving support for, reproductive health services that are legal in Connecticut to recover certain costs they incurred defending the original action and bring an action under the bill. Under the bill “reproductive healthcare services” include all medical, surgical counseling, or referral services related to the human reproductive system, such as pregnancy, contraception, or pregnancy termination.”

An amendment to the bill added “gender dysphoria,” protecting anyone transitioning gender identities and placing transitioning under the category of reproductive healthcare. News Connecticut 12‘s John Craven tweeted:

With anti-trans legislation being passed around the country, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott going a step further and prosecuting families supporting their transgender children, Rep. Blumenthal posted:

“Here in Connecticut, we don’t bully gay and Trans kids for political points – we protect them. Proud the Reproductive Freedom Defense Act will help create a refuge for families with Transgender kids, shielding them from legal attack by other states’ cruel anti-Trans and anti-LGBTQ policies.”

The bill goes into effect on July 1st, with 18 other states poised to follow suit. For now, however, this bill is a trendsetting precedent.

And in the words of Representative Matt Blumenthal – Don’t Mess With Connecticut.

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