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OPINION: I stand with Steve Schmidt and here is why

OPINION: I stand with Steve Schmidt and here is why

OPINION: I stand with Steve Schmidt and here is why

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In recent weeks, Steven Schmidt has been in the headlines, and for good reasons. He has held his critics and slanderers accountable because he’s finally had enough. Given everything he has been through, I can’t say I blame him one bit.

For those who don’t know who Steve Schmidt is, he was a former Republican and political commentator for many years. He’s also been in many political campaigns including the late John McCain’s Presidential campaign. More recently, he was a founding father of one of the most important influential PACS we have today, the Lincoln Project.

His critics, enemies, and trolls have called him all sorts of cruel things., including a grifter, racist, and one of the worst labels that a person can be accused of: being a pedophile.

Now, I was always told that it’s good to ignore any defamation or trolling that you can deal with on social media, and yet, Steve Schmidt confronted all of it.

He went after his accusers with class, confronted every smear aimed at him, and even held himself accountable when it was needed. As far as I can tell, all Schmidt wants to do is make a difference in this country of ours, because there will always be a fight for Democracy and we need strong people who are not afraid to speak their minds.

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No one is perfect, but no one deserves to be smeared just because of political differences or journeys a person went on. I believe — as a former Republican turned Democrat myself — that we should welcome him into our party. If we are the big tent we say we are, then welcoming him should be no problem.

The way he confronted his critics has inspired me to do the same. I myself have been in smear campaigns because I have left the MAGA Republican Party and have often ignored the trolling.

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I am considering maybe it could be time to face my accusers and critics with the same class and style as Steve Schmidt. He is a true patriot and fighter for Democracy.

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Editor’s note: This column solely represents the author’s opinion.

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David Weissman
Opinion columnist and Army veteran. Former MAGA, now a Biden voter.

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