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OPINION: Tucker Carlson must be taken off cable

OPINION: Tucker Carlson must be taken off cable

OPINION: Tucker Carlson must be taken off the air

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Before his killing spree, the Buffalo, New York shooter who murdered 10 people wrote a manifesto that demonstrated that his murderous actions were motivated by the Great Replacement Theory. Unsurprisingly, none other than Fox News host Tucker Carlson has talked about and promoted the Great Replacement Theory constantly.

In simple terms, the so-called “Great Replacement Theory” states that welcoming immigration policies — particularly those encouraging non-white immigrants —are part of a plot designed to undermine or “replace” the political power and culture of white people living in Western countries. You can read more about it in this article.

The shooter’s social media account contained a manifesto that expressed racism towards the black community but also contained plenty of antisemitism as well.

When will enough be enough? What will it take for cable and streaming networks to finally do something about “news” programs like Tucker Carlson’s? How many lives will it take to finally end this cancer on America?

I wish it was so simple that the Government could pull the plug on Fox, but that would be unconstitutional under the First Amendment, and, as a Veteran, freedom of speech is something that I will always uphold. However, there is nothing unconstitutional for cable and satellite operators and other TV distributors to remove Fox News from their programming lineups, especially when it comes to its distribution on U.S. military bases where Carlson’s words and racism actually pose a national security threat by encouraging divisiveness and hatred among troops that needed to respect each other and remain unified.

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If you thought that this kind of racist nonsense is something that Republicans would condemn, think again.

Here is Republican House member Matt Gaetz (R-FL) advocating the Great Replacement Theory and praising Tucker Carlson’s condemnable analysis.

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There is a solution to counter the reprehensible propaganda that Carlson and his Fox News cronies are attempting to brainwash their gullible white audiences with.

The public can put pressure on cable and satellite providers and on Fox News advertisers and say that we will boycott their services and products if they continue to air the hateful programming of Fox News.

If we need to, we can march in the streets to their corporate offices. Whatever course of action is decided upon, we need to act — and act now — because of the rise in mass shootings inspired by this hateful ideology. Nothing is being done about gun safety because any positive legislation restricting access to semi-automatic weapons is blocked by Republicans backed by the NRA.

This is why I think we need to do everything we can to make our voices heard and force a change. It is time to say enough is enough. Tucker Carlson must be taken off cable TV.

Editor’s note: This column solely represents the author’s opinion.

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