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HE’S BAAACK! New account reported to be Donald Trump surfaces on Twitter

HE’S BAAACK! New account reported to be Donald Trump surfaces on Twitter

HE'S BAAACK! New account reported to be Donald Trump surfaces on Twitter

Donald Trump is back on Twitter – for now, anyway.  Huffington Post reported Monday that the former Grifter-in-Chief had made a return to the app that permanently banned him almost 18 months ago by operating under the account @PresTrumpTS – Donald J Trump’s Truth Social Posts. The account exclusively features tweets forwarding the twice-impeached ex-president’s posts from Trump’s social media network, TruthSocial.

The first tweet appeared on April 25th:

For those who rejoiced when the disgraced former President was banished from Twitter after the Capitol riot for violating the app’s Terms of Service prohibiting the incitement of violence, this is an unwelcome return with many crying foul, since Twitter’s ban evasion policy is very clear:

“You can’t circumvent a Twitter suspension, enforcement action, or anti-spam challenge. This includes any behavior intended to evade any Twitter remediation, such as creating a new account or repurposing an already-existing account.”

Also not allowed is “operating, or having someone else operate on your behalf, an account which represents your identity, persona, brand or business persona for a different purpose.”

My Pillow CEO, Mike Lindell, and Trump-pardoned felon and associate, Roger Stone, tried unsuccessfully to return to Twitter under newly created accounts last month. Both were banned hours later.

With just under 7,000 followers on the new account this morning — a far cry from the over 80 million Trump’s original Twitter account boasted – the tweets on his timeline are nothing surprising, simply reposts of “Truths” from his own social media platform, mostly bashing his nemesis, Liz Cheney.

“Can it be true that Liz Cheney is down to a mere 15% Approval Rating in the Great State of Wyoming? She hasn’t “filed” yet!!! Is it at all possible that she’ll soon be dropping out of the race?” one post read.

Worse, however, are disturbing memes like this one, glorifying  Trump with a “MAGA King” moniker:

The post exploits a nickname sarcastically bestowed on him by the free and fairly elected President Joe Biden.

Currently attempting to close a merger deal with Digital World Acquisition Group to underwrite the funding of TruthSocial, Trump cannot post to a rival social media company until at least six hours after posting on TruthSocial – per the filing of an S-4 form with the SEC filing May 16th.

With the merger under investigation by the SEC since 2021, the securities regulating body has been cracking down on Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) like DWAC. These are shell companies created for the purpose of taking a company public with fewer disclosures to the public while avoiding the stricter guidelines necessary when creating an IPO.

Capital investment firm Kerrisdale is skeptical that the deal between DWAC and TrumpSocial will be completed due to the overvaluation of TruthSocial, its unreliable technical performance, and the platform’s lack of financial performance. Adding an SEC probe into the mix makes the prospects even worse. According to Markets Insider, Kerrisdale calls Truth’s valuation “absurd” and says its “financial projections are based on the flimsiest of assumptions.”

DWAC and TruthSocial have marketed the company to investors based on an ambitious estimation of “projected” subscribers and the launch of a VOD streaming service.

“Subscriber projections for TruthSocial are based on an unreliable Politico poll, while the TruthSocial streaming video on demand service is supposed to miraculously win 50% of Netflix’s US subscriber base by 2026 by streaming ‘non-woke’ entertainment without any explanation as to how it will afford billions of dollars in content,” Kerrisdale wrote in a report on DWAC’s risk back in April.

Another factor is the huge fluctuations in DWAC’s stock value. Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s now-paused deal with Twitter has caused apprehension among investors. When the Musk-Twitter deal was announced, shares dropped a whopping 75%, according to Market Insider – from a high of $175. They did rally briefly, and seemingly almost immediately after Elon Musk tweeted that the TruthSocial app was No. 1 on the App Store – ahead of Twitter per Bloomberg.

As of this morning, DWAC stock was trading at a little over $45 per share, and Twitter remained at $37 per share.

As far as the dubiously created Twitter account, Donald J Trump’s Truth Social Posts, it was still up and running at the time of publishing with an increase to 7501 followers and 214 tweets. I sent a Direct Message on Twitter asking for confirmation of the origins of the account, but have yet to receive a reply.

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