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END OF THE ROAD: The People’s Convoy finally falls apart after messy eviction from Hagerstown Speedway

END OF THE ROAD: The People’s Convoy finally falls apart after messy eviction from Hagerstown Speedway

END OF THE ROAD: The People's Convoy finally falls apart after messy eviction from Hagerstown Speedway

After three embarrassing months of activities that included fist-fights, constant ridicule, and being pelted with eggs, America’s less competent version of the Canadian truckers’ protest — The People’s Convoy  —has come to an ignominious end. Liz Plessinger, the General Manager of the Hagerstown Speedway in Hagerstown, Maryland, called police to help remove the group who’d overstayed their welcome at the facility she manages.

The reason, as Plessinger told one reporter:

“Initially they were just to be there one day, one night, and it just turned into … like when your mother-in-law comes to visit and decides to stay.”

81 million of us know that feeling all too well.

Plessinger was done with the group’s disorganization and the resulting chaos that resulted from The People’s Convoy using Hagerstown Speedway as its home base. She told the Hagerstown Herald-Mail, “I’m not a babysitter. I didn’t sign up for that.” Elaborating, “I want one convoy, one leader, one person that I have to deal with. I don’t want to deal with a dozen. I don’t have time for that.”

Maryland State Troopers who showed up to remove what was left of a group of around 100 people were greeted by shouts of “squatters’ rights.” Other Convoy participants told officers they wanted to press charges against some of the protest’s organizers for “criminal fraud” for failing to inform supporters that there wasn’t a long-term agreement with the Speedway and leaving them with no money – and nowhere to go.

After the unceremonious eviction, the People’s Convoy organizers announced that the convoy is no more. According to the Daily KosThe People’s Convoy posted this farewell on their Facebook page May 20th:

“As of 2:30pm EST today May 20, 2022, The People’s Convoy declares victory and announces its conclusion of the national convoy portion of this great movement. Any convoy and protest activity from this time forward is done on an individual basis and is not representing The People’s Convoy. We encourage everyone to participate and become actively involved in the People’s Convoy state groups while leadership transitions National from a rolling convoy and focuses on growth within the movement.”

The Facebook page has since been deleted and no longer exists.

But the organizers are nothing if not resilient. The People’s Convoy spokesperson, David “Santa” Riddell, announced that the beleaguered group would be coming back. They are planning on regrouping and rebranding as the anti-government, anti-democracy, 1776 Restoration Movement, according to this video posted on Twitter:

From the beginning, The People’s Convoy was little more than a poorly organized, poorly executed attempt at a movement. Initially supported by MAGA supporters – from whom they managed to raise millions of dollars – poor leadership, fraud, theft, and disorganization would ensure the group’s failure to accomplish anything remotely successful. From California to Washington DC and back to California and then back to DC, if the People’s Convoy’s past “success” is any indication of where their future is headed – I wouldn’t hold out much hope for their future endeavors.

And with leaders with names like Santa, Oreo Express, and Freedom Squirrel, did one really expect any different?

Original Reporting by Dave Rhodes at The Hagerstown Herald-Mail

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