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TIDAL SHIFT: Texas GOP leaders Abbott and Cruz face hostile public reactions after failing to address gun laws

TIDAL SHIFT: Texas GOP leaders Abbott and Cruz face hostile public reactions after failing to address gun laws

TIDAL SHIFT: Texas GOP leaders Abbott and Cruz face hostile public reactions after failing to address gun laws

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Texas voters are fed up, and Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Greg Abbott are feeling the heat because of it. In the days following the Uvalde, Texas school massacre, these pro-second amendment Republican politicians would be confronted by their constituents. Just three days after 19 children and two adults were senselessly murdered by 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, both Cruz and Abbott gave speeches at the annual NRA convention – and Texans weren’t having it.

Hours after his speech, Cruz would be confronted by 39-year-old Benjamin Hernandez while he was having dinner. Visibly angry, Hernandez could be heard repeatedly telling the Senator “That’s on your hands”, before being escorted out by security.

According to the Washington Post was upset by Cruz’s refusal to embrace any type of reform aimed at preventing tragedies like Uvalde, things like strengthening background checks.

Hernandez is a member of Indivisible Houston – a progressive, pro-democracy organization committed to holding representatives accountable. Hernandez is described on the group’s website as being “an activist, immigrant, father, and supporter of democracy.” Indivisible Houston’s mission states that:

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“Our mission is to build an inclusive coalition at the Houston level, to fight the rise of tyranny in America. Our organizing principles reflect our uncompromising resistance to authoritarianism and commitment to civil rights, fundamental institutions, and the American social fabric. And the current Republican leadership of the US government and the State of Texas are a threat to America: its people, its ideals, and its communities.”

As for Governor Abbott, the day after the shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, he held a press conference and attended a memorial for the victims.

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The Insider quoted Abbott as saying :

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“Do we expect laws to come out of this devastating crime? The answer is absolutely yes. And there will be laws in multiple different subject areas. There will be committees formed, there will be meetings held, there will be proposals that will be derived, many of which will lead to laws that will be passed in the state of Texas.”

As usual, Abbott was making promises that he likely knew he didn’t intend to keep.

Two days later, Abbott would give a pre-recorded speech at the NRA convention that contradicted his comments at the memorial service, saying that “There are thousands of laws on the books across the country that limit the owning and using of firearms, laws that have not stopped madmen from carrying out evil acts on innocent people in peaceful communities.”

His return trip to Uvalde on Sunday would be vastly different after the local residents learned of his treacherous hypocrisy. Abbot was greeted with boos instead of cheers and with demands from the grieving crowd that “We need change!.” News Nation correspondent, Robert Sherman, tweeted footage of the encounter:

While Abbott was posturing, Beto O’Rourke, his rival in the Texas gubernatorial race, would be invited into the home of the parents of one of the victims, 10-year-old Alithia Ramirez, on the day after her murder. O’Rourke shared details of his visit on Twitter:

While the tide may finally be turning against Cruz and Abbott, it seems to be shifting towards Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke, whose support continues to grow. If the public rebuke of Cruz and Abbott is a sign of things to come, there may be hope for this country yet.

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