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DENIED: Supreme Court deals massive blow to Missouri GOP Senate candidate

DENIED: Supreme Court deals massive blow to Missouri GOP Senate candidate

DENIED: Supreme Court deals massive blow to Missouri GOP Senate candidate

Gun-wielding attorney and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Mark McCloskey, won’t be practicing law again anytime soon, after the Supreme Court upheld a previous court’s ruling by declining to hear the suspended lawyer’s appeal. McCloskey and his wife Patricia were indicted on charges of exhibiting guns at a protest and tampering with evidence after being caught on camera brandishing firearms at peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters who were marching past the couple’s St. Louis home in June 2020.

According to Fox 2 Now, the couple was afraid for their safety. After being charged with multiple felonies, their attorney Joel Schwartzman said “they are not guilty of any felony offenses. No shots were ever fired.”

A grand jury disagreed.

After the Bonnie and Clyde photo went viral – launching a treasure trove of memes – the couple became the newest darlings of the anti-BLM, AR-15-loving right wing, appearing on Dana Loesch’s podcast in July 2020, being backed by Gun Owners of America, and speaking at the RNC in August just two months before their indictment.

One important detail left out of their tour was what kind of work the McCloskeys previously handled as attorneys. Prior to becoming the toast of NRA-town, Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey made their living SUING gun manufacturers. Gun safety advocate, Shannon Watts, posted on Twitter:

According to The Trace, the McCloskeys won judgments of at least three-quarters of a million dollars on behalf of plaintiffs suing Bryco Arms and another firearms manufacturer.

The McCloskeys pled guilty to lesser, misdemeanor charges of assault (Mr. McCloskey) and harassment (Mrs. McCloskey). Missouri Governor Michael Parson pardoned the couple in Oct. 2021, but it didn’t stop the McCloskey’s from having their legal licenses indefinitely suspended by the Supreme Court of Missouri – at the request of a watchdog group responsible for investigating allegations of attorney misconduct.

Even though the state’s supreme court stayed the suspensions, according to USA Today, the couple has to report to a probation monitor every three months, and complete 100 pro-bono legal hours. it’s a decision Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey say is in violation of their second amendment “right to bear arms.”

Mark McCloskey is vying for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate to fill the seat being vacated by Sen. Roy Blunt at the end of his term. In a crowded and competitive field, McCloskey will have to beat frontrunner Eric Greitens – the disgraced former Governor who resigned amid charges of holding and restraining his mistress, taking illicit photos of her, and is currently accused of domestic abuse by his estranged ex-wife – if he has any hopes of winning. One thing the GOP loves is a sex-offending disgraced politician, but with the Supreme Court eliminating the possibility of having his legal career to fall back on, it’s unclear what Mr. McCloskey will do if he loses to the pervert.

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