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DEPLORABLE: NY GOP House candidate advances false flag theories on Buffalo and Texas shootings

DEPLORABLE: NY GOP House candidate advances false flag theories on Buffalo and Texas shootings

DEPLORABLE: NY GOP House candidate advances false flag theories on Buffalo and Texas shootings

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At this stage of American society, one barely bats an eyelash when a right-wing crazy blames some horrific, violent event perpetrated by a neo-Nazi Trump sympathizer — an event of which there is ample eyewitness evidence — on radical “libtards” committing some sort of “false flag” operation. Still, one would think that when a NY GOP candidate for Congress starts spouting such tin-foil-hat conspiracy theories, he should not only be called out for it, but forced by the overwhelmingly negative public reaction to his idiocy to drop out of whatever political race that he’s running.

Yet, Carl Paladino, the former Republican New York gubernatorial candidate now running for a seat in New York’s 23rd Congressional District which includes the Buffalo suburbs, is not only still in the race after making a Facebook post that suggested that the recent mass murders committed in a Buffalo supermarket and at a Uvalde, Texas elementary school were false flag events — meant to assist Democrats to “revoke the 2nd amendment and take away guns” — he’s been endorsed by the third-highest ranking Republican member of Congress, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY).

The offending Facebook post was written not by Paladino himself but is a repost of a screed written by one Jeff Briggs who rails on relentlessly about the evils of “Gun Control” while reciting a litany of outlandish conspiracy theories that would make Q proud, including this gem:

“In almost every mass shooting including the most recent horrific Buffalo Tops Market & the Texas school shootings, there are strange occurrences that are never fully explained. How did an 18 yr old obtain $5000 in weapons and a $70k truck? Why were the officers told to stand down when their training just two months ago instructed them to rush in. The man who rushed in was a Border Patrol agent who defied the onsight officers’ instructions. The absence of crisis leaders reminds me of the broken cameras and napping guards when Epstein committed suicide.”

or this one:

 “Multiple conspiracy theories that raise eyebrows, The CIA’s MK Ultra mind control program, the shooter of RFK claiming he didn’t remember doing it, The JFK assignation one shooter story, The murder of John Lennon who was writing songs about ending wars, The fact that the Texas shooter was receiving hypnosis training, Stories of multiple shooters in mass shootings that are never explained.”

Paladino is apparently reposting the greatest conspiracy theory hits of all time along with the more recent iterations of this type of insanity.

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Non-profit progressive research group Media Matters for America captured a screenshot of Paladino’s now-deleted post so you can read the entire mind-boggling thing:

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Now ask yourself: with such mental midgets as Congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert already in Congress and representing the National Enquirer-level-gullible portion of our nation’s population, does America really need another conspiracy-monger from the NY GOP in the halls of power?

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We think not and also hope that both Greene and Boebert are defeated as well come November.

Original reporting by Eric Hananoki at Media Matters for America.

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