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LAUGHABLE: Ted Cruz is the butt of MOCKERY by Mexican President

LAUGHABLE: Ted Cruz is the butt of MOCKERY by Mexican President

LAUGHABLE: Ted Cruz is the butt of MOCKERY by Mexican President

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Ted Cruz is not just a domestic joke here in the United States, but he’s now also an international joke, having been mocked by Mexico’s president, Manuel Lopez-Obrador for dodging his constituents’ questions after the mass shooting in Uvalde. Both Sen. Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio blamed the shooting on Mexican Cartels – and Obrador is having none of it. President Obrador pointed out Cruz’s blatant hypocrisy — and his demonstrable  fealty to the NRA — in a press conference:

Cruz infamously fled Texas for a vacation in Cancun, Mexico, during one of the state’s worst crises – when winter storm Uri hit the state he represents and an unprecedented cold wave essentially broke the Texas power grid, leaving millions of Texans without power and heat as temperatures plunged below freezing. Even worse were the hundreds of people who died because of those freezing temperatures.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), tweeted about Mexico’s president’s absence from the Summit of the Americas:

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This prompted Lopez-Obrador to say, as reported by NBC News:

“I want proof. Because I have proof that Ted Cruz. Because I have proof that (Ted Cruz) has received money from those in favor of gun manufacturing in the United States (to lobby against) a ban on sales.” found that in the 2018 election cycle – when Cruz narrowly beat out Beto O’Rourke for his Senate seat – Cruz was the biggest recipient of PAC money from gun rights groups such as the NRA.

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Mexico’s ambassador to the U.S., Esteban Moctezuma, took Cruz to task in February.

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Cruz was quick to blame his vacation on his daughters. Saying:

Cancun Cruz is one of the biggest jokes who’ve ever managed to weasel their way into the United States Congress . We know it, and now, so does the rest of the world.

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