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OPINION: I call on POTUS to ban Fox News from press briefings

OPINION: I call on POTUS to ban Fox News from press briefings

OPINION: I call on POTUS to ban Fox News from press briefings

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Surprise, surprise, Fox “News” Network will not air the January 6th hearing live; instead, it will circulate it to their schedule as they see fit. Last time I checked, that’s not how a news network is supposed to operate, and while we are on the subject with this so-called “News Network,” I am asking President Biden to ban Fox News from more press briefings if they will not broadcast the January 6th insurrection live.

Here are the reasons why. Fox News had no problem airing Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi hearings so they could demonize her. Any time a Democrat would face justice, they will exploit that to help Republicans stay in power. This example is not just the tip of the iceberg; people on Fox News are co-conspirators.

Sean Hannity himself, as we know, co-conspired with Mark Meadows in support of the big election lie, as text messages revealed. There is still a lot of damning evidence that the Department of Justice and the January 6th Committee have yet to disclose. It has been made clear by the people of Fox News that they are not news but an entertainment network. What right do they have to be at President Biden’s press briefings when all they will do is spin it the way that will fit their agenda.

For all the years that Fox News has spread propaganda and sowing division, they need to be held accountable somehow, and I believe that keeping them from President Biden’s Press Briefing will do just that. I don’t consider entertainment TV a legitimate news network; therefore, banning them would not violate the first amendment. Their propaganda has divided the country in the likes we have never seen. I also recommend that Military bases not air Fox News because of how many soldiers and veterans have participated in the January 6th insurrection.

This is an opinion column that solely represents the opinions of the author.

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