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COVER UP: New accusations plague Rep. Lauren Boebert in abandonment scandal

COVER UP: New accusations plague Rep. Lauren Boebert in abandonment scandal

COVER UP: New accusations plague Rep. Lauren Boebert in abandonment scandal

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Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R–CO) fled the scene of an accident that could have killed her son, sister-in-law, and the family dog, according to the consumer watch group American Muckrakers. The incident happened when Boebert lost control of the ATV she was driving while off-roading with her family in Utah in May of 2020. After the accident, which took place just two weeks before her heated 2020 congressional primary, Boebert begged her sister-in-law Tori Hooper to keep quiet about the incident to avoid hurting her electoral chances.

The Daily Mail reported that 28-year-old Hooper — who was married to Boebert’s brother Benjamin Bentz at the time — was left in the vehicle in the passenger’s seat after Boebert abandoned the Jeep ATV that she was driving. Boebert’s son and dog were in the back of the car. While Hooper tried to jump into the driver’s seat to gain control as the car careened down a ravine, she was unable to prevent a crash, and the ATV smashed into a rock.

While Boebert has denied the charges, and 911 was never called, Tori Hopper confirms the accident’s details with Muckraker President, David Wheeler. When Wheeler asked Hooper about Rep. Boebert, this is what she had to say:

“Well, I can say she is a very–she is not a very good person. Uh…she’s very hypocritical. Um, I was actually just talking about her the other day. I was in a really bad keeping accident with her a couple years ago and she was drinking and driving and I got light flighted, and she begged me not to say anything.”

After losing control of the ATV, Boebert bailed out of the driver’s seat. Hooper — who was still strapped in after trying to keep the vehicle from going over the cliff in Moab, Utah — was Med Evac’d to St. Mary’s hospital and suffered facial and bodily injuries. A former employee at Boebert’s Rifle, Colorado restaurant, Shooter’s, confirmed that Hooper had “visible injuries” to her face, and broken teeth when she returned to work.

Muckrakers have filed two investigation reports with child protective service agencies in both Utah — where the accident took place – and Boebert’s home in Colorado. Both claim reckless abuse of a child and provide details of the accident including accusations that Boebert fled the scene, allegedly under the influence.

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In 2016, Boebert was charged with careless driving after rolling her truck into a ditch. She failed to show up in court, landing in jail for that incident.

Muckrakers is the same PAC that was behind the Madison Cawthorn scandals that were leaked prior to his primary loss, and it seems like they have the receipts. As Hooper pointed out in the call, Boebert’s from a small town and apparently hasn’t made much goodwill there. From not paying her employees, as Hooper alleges, to poisoning customers, to not paying business taxes, and leaving your brother’s wife and your son in a crashing vehicle – I’d say Boebert doesn’t belong in Congress, she belongs in a prison cell.

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Listen to the full audio with Tori Hooper here.

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Original reporting by Laura Collins at The Daily Mail.

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