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GOP SHOWDOWN: Loss by Mo Brooks in Alabama GOP Senate primary shows how Trump’s power lingers

GOP SHOWDOWN: Loss by Mo Brooks in Alabama GOP Senate primary shows how Trump’s power lingers

GOP SHOWDOWN: Loss by Mo Brooks in Alabama GOP Senate primary shows how Trump's power lingers

Trump sycophant and January 6th instigator, Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL), has lost the Republican Senate primary in Alabama – bigly. The right-wing extremist legislator lost to Trump-backed Katie Britt by 26 points, winning only one of Alabama’s 67 counties, per MSNBC. The lawmaker conceded to Britt and posted on Twitter:

The bulletproof vest-wearing Congressman fell out of favor with Trump after saying the GOP should move on from the 2020 election – a wise piece of advice that caused the petty and vengeful ex-President to withdraw his endorsement of Brooks for Senate. According to Brooks, it was because he refused to go along with Trump’s insistence that the nation “rescind” the 2020 election and put Trump back in the White House. CNBC reported that Brooks said:

“President Trump asked me to rescind the 2020 elections, immediately remove Joe Biden from the White House, immediately put President Trump back in the White House, and hold a new special election for the presidency.”

Maybe Brooks can recognize political insanity when it is thrust directly into his face, but he is certainly no hero. And his loss isn’t a loss for America.

The congressman infamously wore a bulletproof vest when giving a speech on January 6th at the “Stop The Steal” rally preceding the violent attack on the Capitol. He was also one of the 147 Republican lawmakers who voted not to certify then-President-Elect Biden’s win.

But Brooks shouldn’t be surprised by Trump’s lack of loyalty. In 2017, Trump threw him under the bus when he sought to fill Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat – endorsing another candidate instead. Trump’s narcissism finally sunk in last week when Brooks said, “It’s quite clear that Donald Trump has no loyalty to anyone or anything but himself.”

Yes, we know.

The woman who defeated Brooks in the runoff election, Kattie Britt, a former aide to Senator Richard Shelby, failed to get the required votes in the first round of the primary to avoid the runoff – but Trump’s endorsement was enough to push her over the top this time. She Out-Trumped her Trumpy opponent and secured the win.

Brooks learned the hard way that it’s Trump’s way or the highway. Any deviation from Trump’s Big Lie, is unacceptable in the MAGA world’s eyes. Brooks may try to re-write the narrative and paint himself as some sort of Patriot, but the American people haven’t forgotten what he’s really all about.

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