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SUBPOENAED! Arizona GOP leader Kelli Ward and her husband are in the DOJ’s crosshairs

SUBPOENAED! Arizona GOP leader Kelli Ward and her husband are in the DOJ’s crosshairs

SUBPOENAED! Arizona GOP leader Kelli Ward and her husband are in the DOJ's crosshairs

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Kelli Ward, the conspiracy theory-pushing head of the Arizona GOP, has just been hit with a Justice Department subpoenas. As the investigation into the conspiracy to overturn the 2020 presidential election unfolds, Ward and her husband Michael were revealed to be part of the “fake elector” scheme where illegitimate alternate electors would illegally cast electoral votes for Trump over duly elected Joe Biden. Ward and her husband were two of Arizona’s phony electors who were part of a plot to overturn the free and fair election results in seven battleground states – including Arizona.

Politico’s Kyle Cheney confirmed the grand jury subpoenas:

The scheme was further revealed to the public during Day Four of the televised House Select Committee hearings which detailed the intricacies of the plot, as well as ex-President Donald Trump’s prominent role in it. It was a vast conspiratorial attempt to overturn Biden’s electoral win in key states. According to USA Today, Trump and his allies mounted an aggressive campaign “including threats of violence against civic leaders.”

Ward’s continued pushing of Trump’s “Big Lie” — and her attempts to undermine Arizona’s election results — prompted calls for her resignation as GOP Chair. Prominent Maricopa County Republicans publicly criticized Ward for continuing to spread misinformation and the baseless lie that the election was stolen – despite evidence contradicting the unsubstantiated claims. Per Newsweek,  Maricopa Country Supervisor Clint Hickman urged Gov. Doug Ducey to force Ward’s hand to resign, saying:

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“I think the time has come. She has now led us to a part where our former president has lost publicly the Arizona vote again to Joe Biden. That is horrible and I will not stand for this type of leadership.”

Hickman’s sentiment was echoed by fellow Maricopa County Board of Supervisors member Bill Gates, who tweeted in September 2021:

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Ward filed a lawsuit in February to prevent the Jan. 6th committee from obtaining her and her husband’s phone records from T-Mobile, claiming doctor-patient confidentiality since both are physicians. But, according to the Phoenix New Times, call and text logs of public officials are public records.

Kelli and Michael Ward are not the only fake Republican electors to receive subpoenas in recent days. On Wednesday, Nevada GOP chair Michael McDonald turned over his phone to the FBI when presented with a warrant. Michigan fake elector Michele Lundgren, was also served with a subpoena to answer questions.

The proverbial walls are closing in on those complicit in attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 election. While Kelli Ward is the latest to be caught up in the fallout from the evidence presented by the Jan. 6th Committee’s investigation, with the Department of Justice now moving at what seems like lightning speed – she won’t likely be the last.

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