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DENIAL: Big Lie pusher Tina Peters refuses to accept the results of her own election

DENIAL: Big Lie pusher Tina Peters refuses to accept the results of her own election

DENIAL: Big Lie pusher Tina Peters refuses to accept the results of her own election

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The 2020 election denier, Tina Peters, has turned her conspiracy theories of election fraud toward her own race for state office. After losing her contest by 15 points, Peters claims her opponents “cheated” in the race to secure the GOP nomination to be Colorado’s next Secretary of State. She is now saying that the results were “flipped” and vows not to give up – no matter the results, according to Saja Hindi at the Denver Post.

Peters was indicted in March for using her position to access data from Dominion Voting machines in a misguided attempt to “prove” the 2020 election was stolen. Conspiring with her deputy, Peters turned off security cameras and gave unauthorized access to a former pro-Surfer – and fellow conspiracy theorist – Conan Hayes, who illegally copied the machine’s data. Despite overseeing an audit that debunked her claims of voting irregularities in the 2020 election, Peters continued to push the “Big Lie.”

“This is a personal opinion based on the evidence that I have seen and gone through and based on what I know from our reports. I do believe there may have been enough fraud that it turned the election,” Peters told The Colorado Sun:

Peters is also under FBI investigation, accused of violating campaign finance regulations. Peters, along with the campaign manager for Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO), Sherrona Bishop, appeared as a speaker at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium — an event that the Trump sycophant and MyPillow CEO claimed would show evidence of voter fraud and prove that the election was “stolen” from Trump.

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Lindell has given $200,000 to Peters’ defense.

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Colorado has a mail-in voting system that automatically sends ballots to registered voters. This practice is something that Peters wants to end – despite her state having one of the best-run elections in the country. Since 2019, Peters has challenged the results of elections, both in her state and across the country, pushing baseless and unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud, leading to her allegedly compromising data and breaking the law.

One person who won’t lament Peters’s defeat is the CEO of government watchdog group Issue One, Nick Penniman.

“Based on her record and her rhetoric, Tina Peters is unfit to oversee elections. To this day, Tina Peters continues to peddle lies and disinformation about the integrity of our elections. People who do not believe in free and fair elections are unfit for elected office in the United States – especially for the position of secretary of state,” Penniman told The Guardian.

Though Peters may have lost, it’s certainly no final victory. She’s not alone in believing Trump and the GOP’s lies about the security and integrity of our elections. And now, she’s casting doubt on her own results. This is a sign that when it comes to this country’s elections – the worst is yet to come.

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