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OP-ED: Plea to the House and Senate GOP from a former Republican!

OP-ED: Plea to the House and Senate GOP from a former Republican!

OP-ED: Plea to the House and Senate GOP from a former Republican!

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To the GOP members of the House and Republican Senators,

For those who don’t know who I am, I am a former Trump supporter and a former Republican. I left the Republican Party because of the embrace of Trump-style authoritarianism and felt he was a danger to our nation’s security.

As we watch these House Select Committee hearings, the danger inherent in Trump returning to office is becoming clearer by the day, and I beg you all to publicly denounce him. Trump can never become President again.

I know I am going out on a limb here, but I used to support the man. I defended him and voted for him, I thought we would do good for the country. I really didn’t know much about his past except that he was a celebrity and spoke out on what many of us were concerned about.

I don’t expect anyone in the GOP to change their minds about Democrats or the Democratic Party as a whole, but I believe as Americans, that it’s our patriotic duty to condemn fascist authoritarians like Trump who had no regard for the Constitution and our Democracy.

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For most of my adult life, I believed in the mythology of the  Constitutional Conservative, which is an ideology that stood for the country over the party. I believed Republicans would always put the Constitution above anything else is the law of the land.

I understand that some of you are scared, some of you asked for President Trump for pardons and if you retaliated, he would intimidate you and send his cult after you.

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I get that.

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Since I have denounced Trump, I have been a target of the same cult, but I don’t care because I love my country. I served in the United States Army and took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States from enemies foreign and domestic. Trump gave his mob orders to march down Capitol Hill and overthrow the elections, Trump was told by everyone in his inner circle that he lost the election and still carried out the big election lie.

The evidence is clear that Trump is clearly responsible for the January 6th insurrection. He knew they were armed, he knew what they were planning to do.

It’s time for Republicans to finally stand for the Constitution and our Democracy by condemning Trump and making sure he can never be President again.

As an American who used to love what the Republican Party stood for, for the sake of the country, I beg you all to do this.

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David Weissman
Opinion columnist and Army veteran. Former MAGA, now a Biden voter.

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