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STIGMA: Andrew Giuliani brings further shame to his family name with NY GOP primary loss

STIGMA: Andrew Giuliani brings further shame to his family name with NY GOP primary loss

STIGMA: Andrew Giuliani brings further shame to his family name with NY GOP primary loss

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Andrew Giuliani, the son of America’s mayor-turned-embarrassment, Rudy Giuliani, is done. Yesterday, he lost his bid to be New York’s next Governor in the New York State Republican primary to Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) – who clinched the GOP nomination.

The loss was a shock to no one — except Giuliani – who just recently was proclaiming victory by posting a poll showing him to be the frontrunner for the GOP nomination.

Nice try, kid.

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The loss comes just days after his father’s “assault” in a Staten Island grocery store while on the campaign trail. In the “slap heard around the world,” a then-unknown young man slapped 78-year-old Rudy Giuliani on the back in passing, saying the words “What’s up scumbag?” According to the elder Giuliani:

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“I went forward, but luckily I didn’t fall down. Lucky, I’m a 78-year-old who’s in pretty good shape, because if I wasn’t, I’d have hit the ground and probably cracked my skull.”

An employee of the local ShopRite, 39-year-old Daniel Gill was captured on video walking past the former Trump attorney and “patting” him on the back. The video thoroughly contradicted Rudy Giuliani’s dramatic recollection of events.

Ron Filipkowski tweeted:

Despite his last name, and his father’s legacy, Andrew Giuliani was virtually unknown before announcing his run for Governor. The 36 yr old was an aide in the Trump White House, serving as a special assistant to the disgraced ex-president. But after Trump left office in January 2021, Giuliani decided to take on then-Governor Andrew Cuomo. Seeking to capitalize on the controversy surrounding Cuomo over making unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances and using his position as Governor to bully others into silence.

Andrew apparently mistakenly believed that the last name Giuliani would be all he needed to win.

He told The New York Post, “I’m a politician out of the womb. It’s in my DNA,” and went on to say, “Giuliani vs. Cuomo. Holy smokes. It’s Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier. We can sell tickets at Madison Square Garden”

Someone should have told Giuliani Jr. that that’s not how it works. You have to have the votes, and Andrew simply didn’t. Neither his name nor his father’s endorsement would be enough. Or maybe it was just enough to tank his campaign.

Rudy Giuliani has been on a rapid — and steep — decline in recent years, with embarrassing moment after embarrassing moment – most caught on tape. And with recent revelations, it’s apparent that Rudy was more involved in the insurrection than simply pushing the “Big Lie.”

Unfortunately for his son, his most recent revelations came on the day of the GOP Primary for the gubernatorial nomination. But with his newly freed time, perhaps Andrew Giuliani can spend it helping his father recover from his recent “attack.”

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