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SPEECHLESS: Fox News host’s praise of Trump whistleblower leaves panel stunned

SPEECHLESS: Fox News host’s praise of Trump whistleblower leaves panel stunned

SPEECHLESS: Fox News host's praise of Trump whistleblower leaves panel stunned

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And the hits just keep on coming for Trump. After former senior White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson testified publicly before the Jan. 6th committee, the country was stunned – and so was Fox News with host Brett Baier calling the 26-year-old’s testimony “powerful.” In a segment with Fox News personalities Sandra Smith and John Roberts, Baier left his co-hosts speechless when he said:

“We always point out that there’s not pushback, and it would’ve been great to hear Jim Jordan or some congressman say some other angle to this, but the testament in and of itself is really, really powerful.”

A statement followed by awkward silence, prompting Roberts to ask, “Sandra? Are you still here?”

Trump was quick to take to his social media platform Truth Social to criticize Hutchinson. He claimed that he “hardly” knew her, and called her “bad news.” Baier’s response? A not-so-subtle dig at the ex-President’s affinity for internet rants, saying, “He says she’s lying. Cassidy Hutchinson is under oath, on Capitol Hill. The president is on Truth Social.”

Fox host Martha MacCallum dismissed Hutchinson’s testimony by saying, “I mean, I’m not sure that it really shocks anybody that the president just — knowing what we’ve seen, observing him over the years — if he got angry then he might throw his lunch.”

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Somehow I don’t think that’s the part Baier thought to be “powerful.”

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Trump isn’t the first Republican to get called out by Baier. He recently angered Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake, confronting the ultra MAGA and anti-LGBTQ political hopeful with recent allegations by legendary Phoenix drag queen Barbra Seville that Lake was a regular at drag shows and even had them perform at her home.

During Monday’s interview, Lake failed to keep her composure as Baier continued to push back on her denials – despite picture proof of her posing with Seville. Earlier in the interview, the Fox host disputed her claims of election fraud by showing her a clip of Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers (R) testifying before the Jan. 6 Select Committee refuting her claims. Needless to say, Lake was not happy.

Fox News has always been GOP-friendly, and even more so after the election of Donald Trump in 2016. it’s a go-to place where Republicans can rant, gaslight, and outright lie to Fox viewers without pushback. But the love affair seems to be over – particularly when it comes to lies about the 2020 election being stolen. But while Fox hosts may be changing their tune, the public hasn’t forgotten its role in enabling Trump’s corruption, spreading his lies, and the disinformation that contributed to hundreds of thousands of Covid deaths. While it’s always a good day when Donald Trump gets his due, as far as Fox attempting to rehabilitate its image – it’s too little, too late.

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