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DEVIL MADE HIM DO IT: Michigan Secretary of State candidate says demons are to blame for Trump’s loss

DEVIL MADE HIM DO IT: Michigan Secretary of State candidate says demons are to blame for Trump’s loss

DEVIL MADE HIM DO IT: Michigan Secretary of State candidate says demons are to blame for Trump's loss

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The Trump-backed candidate for Michigan Secretary of State, QAnon conspiracy theorist Kristina Karamo, says abortion is “child sacrifice” and a “satanic practice.” According to CNN’s KFile, the community college professor said on an episode of her podcast “It’s Solid Food” that “Abortion is really nothing new. The child sacrifice is a very satanic practice, and that’s precisely what abortion is. And we need to see it as such.”

The candidate for statewide office went on to claim that intimate relationships lead to demonic possession.

“But having intimate relationships with people who are demonically possessed or oppressed – I strongly believe that a person opens themselves up to possession. Demonic possession is real.”

Congressional candidate Ted Lieu (D-CA), wasted no time trolling the delusional right-wing candidate.

Karamo has been vocal in her conspiratorial beliefs, claiming that leftist elites are pushing their views on America. Apparently missing the irony of the right-wing Christo-fascists pushing their own.

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Election denying and propagandizing the “Big Lie” have been at the core of Karamo’s rise to GOP prominence. She spoke at a QAnon conference in 2021, promoting false claims that the 2020 election was stolen and pointing fingers at the far-right’s favorite boogeyman – George Soros.

And she’s not shy about her anti-LGBTQ+ stance

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Claiming to have witnessed “fraud” during the 2020 election, Karamo gained Trump’s endorsement. The day after the Capitol insurrection, Karamo falsely claimed the insurrectionists were Antifa, saying on her podcast:

“Based on the series of evidence and knowing how these situations work, how these anarchists operate, I believe this is completely Antifa posing as Trump supporters. I mean, anybody can buy a MAGA hat and put on T-shirt and buy a Trump flag.”

Hundreds of indictments later, public and private testimony before the Jan. 6th select committee proves otherwise.

Karamo gained Trump’s attention after pushing false conspiracy theories that the election was stolen and that former President Bill Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were behind multiple assassinations.

Karamo is the latest Trump-loving sycophant to attempt to infiltrate local elections, one of many attempts by Trump to install his loyalists in positions to sway the results of the 2022 and 2024 elections in the Republican Party’s – and his own – favor. But Karamo has big shoes to fill, with current Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson overseeing what’s been called Michigan’s most secure election in state history. The Secretary of State’s  website says that Benson “implemented new voting rights for all eligible Michiganders prior to the election, including the right to vote absentee, and oversaw more than 250 audits after the election, all of which affirmed its integrity and accuracy.”

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