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ELECTION BLOWOUT: Colorado delivers huge blow to Trump-supported candidates — and to his ego

ELECTION BLOWOUT: Colorado delivers huge blow to Trump-supported candidates — and to his ego

ELECTION BLOWOUT: Colorado delivers huge blow to Trump-supported candidates — and to his ego

Voters in Colorado overwhelmingly rejected Republican candidates running for statewide office who pushed the “Big Lie” in the state’s GOP primaries. MAGA candidates all lost in the Republican primary races for Governor, U.S. Senate, and Secretary of State, Colorado’s top post overseeing elections.  The results represented a complete turnaround from 2021 when it seemed all a Republican candidate needed to do to win was claim that the 2020 election was stolen.

Despite being a frontrunner just two months ago, former Parker, Colorado mayor Grez Lopez lost the gubernatorial nomination to University of Colorado regent Heidi Ganahl. The self-proclaimed “mom on a mission,” defeated her election-denying opponent, who campaigned on getting rid of mail-in voting, cutting education funding, and giving Colorado a “real First Lady” again.

This was no doubt a dig at current Democratic Governor Jared Polis – the first openly gay man to be elected to the state’s top political post. Polis married his longtime partner Marlon Reis while in office.

With Colorado applauded as being a model for election integrity and security, unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud didn’t resonate with Colorado constituents. According to Democratic Secretary of State Jena Griswold:

“Colorado is considered the nation’s gold standard for voting. And we’re considered the securest state in which to vote.”

State Representative — and Jan. 6 insurrectionist — Ron Hanks lost the nomination for U.S. Senate to Jon O’Dea. O’Dea’s mainstream Republican platform earned the construction company owner the endorsement of current politicians and conservative groups. Hanks’s performative antics – like shooting a copier dressed up like a Dominion Voting machine in an ad, participating in the Capitol riot, and pushing baseless claims that the election was stolen — weren’t well received.

And then we have Tina Peters. The indicted former Mesa County clerk accused of tampering with voting machines hoped to get Trump’s endorsement and secure the GOP nomination for Secretary of State. She got neither. She lost to Pam Anderson, also a former county clerk.

Despite coming in third, and losing by double-digit margins, Peters falsely claimed her own election was fraudulent. She claimed that somehow the machines had “flipped” the numbers, and she’d actually won. It is an accusation that — like the “Big Lie” — is completely unsubstantiated.

Colorado isn’t the only state where election-denying and ultra-MAGA candidates lost big. In Georgia, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger – a key witness against the ex-President in both the Jan. 6th and Fulton County investigations – held off the Trump-endorsed Jody Hice. And even Trump’s blessing couldn’t deliver a win for David Perdue in the GOP primary for GA Governor.

Since the House Select Committee on January 6th began its televised hearings, Trump’s election fraud lies and his role in inciting the violence of the day, have shifted attitudes towards twice impeached ex-President – and not for the better. Once loyal allies are speaking out and openly condemning and criticizing Trump for his actions and lies. Even Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who shot to victory after Trump endorsed him for Florida Governor in 2018, is steering clear of a Trump endorsement this go-round.

It appears Trump’s golden touch is now the kiss of death. Political death, that is.

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Ty Ross
News journalist for Occupy Democrats.

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