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TURN COAT: Michael Flynn fined for paid appearance with Vladimir Putin

TURN COAT: Michael Flynn fined for paid appearance with Vladimir Putin

TURN COAT: Michael Flynn fined for paid appearance with Vladimir Putin

The Department of Defense has fined disgraced ex-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn almost $40,000 for payments he received for an appearance with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a Kremlin-sponsored gala. The former Army General — and pardoned felon — made nearly a half-million dollars from Turkish and Russian interests in 2015, The Washington Post reports. Defense Department investigators discovered the undisclosed windfall and informed the Army in a January 2021 memo.

This prompted the Army to send Flynn a letter on May 2 seeking over $38,000 for his appearance celebrating the 10th anniversary of the state-run propaganda outlet Russia Today.

Flynn’s failure to notify the U.S. government and obtain the necessary approvals were cited by Army lawyer Craig. R. Schmauder in a Jan. 2021 letter explaining that Flynn’s failure “to obtain the approvals of the Secretary of the Army and the Secretary of State resulted in a violation of the Emoluments Clause. When there is a finding that a military retiree has violated the Emoluments Clause, the United States Government may pursue a debt collection.”

Flynn also appeared at a dinner for RT, was paid for a conference appearance sponsored by Russia, and did work for a corporation that helped the Turkish government.

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service handles the tally and collections, and then-acting Defense Department Inspector General Sean O’Donnell wrote “A debt in favor of the government is created which is to be collected by withholding from retired pay.”

Lacking in shame or remorse, the traitorous Flynn – who pled guilty to lying to the FBI before being pardoned by the equally traitorous Trump – dismissed the fine in an interview with right-wing media outlet Real America’s Voice. He told the host that the Department of Defense was “going to reach into my retirement and…take some money out,” insinuating that the move is politically motivated:

“Yeah, it means something, but at the end of the day, this country means a heck of a lot more than what they will do to me,” Flynn said.

The prodigal. military man conveniently left out the fact that the investigation was opened in April of 2017 – when his former boss Donald Trump was President.

The investigation was sidelined for three years because of the Department of Justice’s Russia investigation, Putin’s interference in the 2016 election, and Flynn’s alleged collusion with Russia. It picked back up again, however, after Flynn’s pardon by Trump and closed a week after President Biden was sworn in. A spokesperson for DoD acting Inspector General O’Donnell wrote:

“On January 27,2021, we closed our investigation against LTG Flynn and forwarded several administrative matters to the Acting Secretary of the Army for review and appropriate action.”

Original reporting by Dan Lamothe and Craig Whitlock at The Washington Post.

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