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BILLIONAIRE ENVY: Trump insults Elon Musk with an ironic description at his latest rally

BILLIONAIRE ENVY: Trump insults Elon Musk with an ironic description at his latest rally

BILLIONAIRE ENVY: Trump insults Elon Musk with an ironic description at his latest rally

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Donald Trump brutally attacked Elon Musk during his Anchorage, Alaska rally on Saturday, mocking the Tesla CEO’s collapsed deal with Twitter. Trump did what the narcissistic ex-president does best, redirecting attention to himself and claiming that he knew all along that Musk wasn’t going to buy the social media platform.

“Elon is not gonna buy Twitter. Where did you hear that from? Me…me,” the attention-needy Trump declared.

Before the rally, Trump had posted on his Truth Social app:


In his Anchorage speech, Trump slammed the media-trolling billionaire for reportedly lying about voting for him in 2016:

“You know he said the other day, oh I’ve never voted for a Republican. I said I didn’t know that, he told me he voted for me. So he’s another bullshit artist.”

The irony of the person whom The Washington Post documented as making 30573 false or misleading claims — aka/lies — during his four years in office calling Musk out on his inconsistency wasn’t lost on those all too familiar with the man who nearly toppled the country over false claims that the 2020 election was stolen. Trump’s claims were so unbelievable and unfounded that even his own then-Attorney General, Bill Barr, said that they were “bullshit.”

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I reached out to Florida attorney (and Tesla enthusiast) Warren Redlich for comment on Trump’s gratuitous attack. His response? “Yawn,” texting, “I never liked Trump. Comical to see him call someone else a bullshit artist.”

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Redlich isn’t alone in his sentiment.

The passive-aggressive relationship between Donald Trump and Elon Musk started considerably before the rally. When Musk announced his $44B deal to buy Twitter, Truth Social’s stock took a 40% dive, according to The New York Post. Trump then announced that he would never return to Twitter, despite Musk vowing that he’d restore the disgraced ex-president’s banned account.

With multiple SEC investigations being conducted on the suspect business practices between Truth Social’s parent company, Truth Media and Technology Group, and the special purpose acquisition company, Digital World Acquisition Group that it’s trying to merge with – and with Musk’s own civil litigation problems, neither party should likely be calling the other kettle black.

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