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VIDEO: Fox News just complained gas prices are improving

VIDEO: Fox News just complained gas prices are improving

VIDEO: Fox News just complained gas prices are improving

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President Biden has done everything he can within his fairly limited power to help lower gas prices, and behold; it’s working.

Yet, today Fox News reported with a straight face that gas prices are beginning to fall in Delaware and northern Maryland. Instead of giving the respect and kudos to President Biden that he rightfully deserves, they still attack him.

There is nothing that a Democratic President can do that the GOP and conservative Pundits would give respect for doing. Fox News just said all of the quiet parts out loud today when they broadcast an attack on Biden for gas prices falling too fast, in their opinion.

You literally can’t make this stuff up, so take a minute to watch this clip:

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To be honest, this isn’t something new, which is why I hated Democrats for many years without giving them a chance until my eyes were open to the truth.

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Conservative propaganda will always demonize Democratic officials so they can stay in power because what they want is a “Conservative” white nationalistic America.

Until they get what they want, they will always find ways to demonize Democratic officials.

I believe the only way we can really combat this and wake up the American people is to have more Democrats who are not afraid to go on conservative outlets and start waking up the people who are blind to reality.

Ever since the beginning of inflation this past year that has caused the gas prices to rise, Republicans, political officials, and conservatives in the media have blamed President Biden for the spike.

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Even though people who have a sense of economics and how the world works understand that the United States President has nothing directly to do with inflation or the price of gas, because of their hatred for Democrats and the upcoming midterm elections, they use on Fox News it as a tool to demonize the Democratic Commander in chief.

Fox News especially has a large audience, and if they know the truth about what’s going on in the world, that could definitely be a different factor in our elections.

The American people need to start demanding that the truth is being reported in all outlets. Right-wing propaganda has plagued our country with hate and division. Until Republican partisans step up to make it stop at Fox News, then they’ll keep poisoning our public debate.

Because if you’re busy blaming President Biden when gas prices rise and fall, then you’re not interested in the truth, just in manipulating your viewers.

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