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FALSE FLAG: Minnesota man indicted after blaming BLM for van fire he set himself

FALSE FLAG: Minnesota man indicted after blaming BLM for van fire he set himself

FALSE FLAG: Minnesota man indicted after blaming BLM for van fire he set himself

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Just weeks after George Floyd was murdered by disgraced former cop Derek Chauvin, a Minnesota man named Denis Molla lied about being attacked by Black Lives Matter and Biden supporters, accusing left-wing agitators for setting a fire that investigators say he started himself and falsely claiming to be the victim of a “hate” crime, supposedly targeted for displaying a Trump flag on his camper.

Molla received $61,000 from fraudulent insurance claims and another $17,000 from a GoFundMe fundraiser that described Molla as “a devoted man of God,” “hardworking,” and a vocal Trump supporter.

“Dennis installed a Trump 2020 flag on his truck and due to the spray paint left on his garage door , ‘BIDEN 2020 BLM’ it’s believed he was target for his patriotic support of our president,” the fundraising appeal declared.

The fire that was set reportedly spread to Molla’s garage and other vehicles. Molla told local news affiliate KARE11 that one of the suspects, dropped a matchbox as he chased three “figures” from his yard.

It turns out that that was a blatant lie. According to the Star-Tribune, the indictment says:

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“In reality, as Molla well knew, Molla started his own property on fire, Molla spray-painted the graffiti on his own property and there were no unknown males near his homes.”

The Brooklyn Center, Minnesota man made the allegations in September of 2020, just four months after Floyd’s killing was caught on camera and four months into nationwide protests for social justice in the name of the Black Lives Matter movement — a movement infiltrated by bad actors and right-wing chaos agents in an attempt to discredit the movement and spark a backlash against it.

Though the majority of BLM protests were peaceful, right-wing propagandists like Fox News bombarded viewers with shots of riots and fires in Minnesota, Portland, and other cites where violence occurred. Many of these violent and destructive actions were actually initiated or facilitated by white nationalist groups like the Boogaloo Boys and other right-wing militias.

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Molla has been charged with two counts of wire fraud for submitting over $300,000 in false insurance claims, and for the five-figure sum he actually received.

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It appears that Trump’s MAGA grifting is spreading to every level — from the disgraced ex-President, down to his supporters.

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