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SHAMELESS: Trump wastes no time trying to profit off first wife’s death

SHAMELESS: Trump wastes no time trying to profit off first wife’s death

SHAMELESS: Trump wastes no time trying to profit off first wife's death

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Donald Trump sent out a fundraising email after the death of his first wife Ivana Trump on Thursday. The news had barely been announced, and he was already on the grift, emailing his Truth Social post announcing her death, with a donation link to his PAC. It was a move as shameless as it is unsurprising.

In court documents obtained by the New York Daily News in 2016 – during his first presidential campaign – Ivana asked a judge to rule their divorce settlement invalid during a prenup challenge in 1990. She alledged that the Trump estate was worth nearly $5 billion – not the little over $2 billion her husband claimed.

Trump did all he could to avoid paying up — including adding a clause Ivana didn’t know about — to the already signed prenup that said if they divorced, she’d have to return any gifts like cars and furs.

“I remember the part about the gifts. I had been very hurt. I had been confused by it. … I didn’t understand the whole concept, why I’m returning the gifts which are going to be acquired by my husband and given to me during our marriage,” Ivana said in a deposition.

Trump even went so far as to tell his soon-to-be ex-wife that he couldn’t amend the prenup in event of his death because he would have to pay a gift tax.

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Before agreeing to pay $300,000 a year in child support for their three children together– a paltry sum for a supposed billionaire with a gold toilet – Ivana accused her children’s father of being stingy with the amount:

“It came to the point that my husband would just say: ‘This is it, Ivana, what you get.’ And I would get very, very upset. … My husband said: ‘This is it and you’re not going to get a dime more.'”

During Trump’s campaign, Ivana shied away from saying anything negative about her ex-husband, walking back accusations that he raped her in ’89, as well as previous statements that he was “verbally abusive” and “demeaning” during their marriage.

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But after public testimony before the Jan. 6 Select Committee revealed bouts of explosive anger – throwing food at the wall and attacking his head of security – and gloating as an angry mob called for his Vice President to be hanged – it’s much easier to believe the original account of her relationship with Donald Trump was accurate.

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As far as him profiting off of her death, in a mind as twisted as Trump’s, he probably thinks she “owes” him.

Ivana Trump, the mother of Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric, was 73 when she passed away at her Manhattan home.

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