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CAUGHT: MAGA comedian Kevin Downey Jr. captured in Jan. 6th riot footage

CAUGHT: MAGA comedian Kevin Downey Jr. captured in Jan. 6th riot footage

CAUGHT: MAGA comedian Kevin Downey Jr. captured in Jan. 6th riot footage

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Not only is far-right comedian and Jan. 6th truther Kevin Downey Jr. not funny – he isn’t smart. Downey was turned into the FBI for breaching the Capitol on Jan. 6th after being identified by three online sleuths from surveillance footage used in another case. It was an apparently easy task due to the extensive social media trail Downey left online on Jan. 6th, according to NBC News.

One of the sleuths told NBC News that, “Hopefully it will be the FBI and not Downey who gets the last laugh.”

In a Jan. 6th tweet, Downey tagged Fox host Sean Hannity to message him on the app if he wanted to talk to “someone who got inside the Capitol.”

The day before the riot he replied to a tweet from then-President Donald Trump, who promoted his speech at the Ellipse, telling his supporters to “arrive early” and promising “big crowds.”

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Downey has given several interviews, along with his fiancee, detailing their experience on the day of the Capitol riot. He has described the crowds, and how there were people being pepper sprayed – but left out the fact that they entered the building. His fiancee – identified only as JCC on Twitter – describes the rally as “peaceful” in a now-archived tweet posted on January 10, 2021:

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“I was there. Heard every word of Trump’s speech. He didn’t incite violence. I & many others marched to the Capitol peacefully. Those who broke the law do not represent us!” JCC tweeted.

She also tagged radio host Rush Limbaugh the day after the riot in another tweet:

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“I have inside info regarding yesterday’s Capitol breach,” she wrote.

Despite evidence to the contrary, the comedian continues to claim that the FBI hasn’t arrested over 800 people connected to the storming of the Capitol and subsequent violence, and he criticized their investigation in a column he wrote for the right-wing outlet, PJ Media.

“Today’s FBI has enough time to sniff out every Capitol-related lead; chase every mother-daughter team that spent four minutes in the Capitol; and go after every granny, dozens of Long Island patriots, every off-duty police officer, and every other American who took a selfie in the Capitol,” Downey wrote.

Downey has pushed Jan. 6 conspiracy theories and uses his platform on PJ Media to write articles that parrot right-wing talking points — the types of articles where he refers to Mexican Americans as “Breakfast Taco-Americans,” and the Chinese as “Chi-Com.”

When using a picture of Drag Queen Story Hour in a column entitled “Woke Wednesday: Libs Happily Teaching ‘Sex Pleasure’ Classes to Kids. Wait Until You See the Curriculum” to disparage the LGBTQ+ community, Downey seems to have forgotten both his appearance on Bravo’s “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” in 2004 when he was given a makeover by the hosts – and his DVD titled, “I’m Not Gay, But Don’t Stop.”

While Downey has been focused more on conspiracy theories, his fiancee, JCC, seems pleased with her actions on insurrection day, boasting “I knew exactly what I was doing when I waved that flag and walked all the way to the Capitol. I was fighting for our country.

Well, now it looks like she could be fighting for her freedom alongside her fiancee. Between the Facebook videos, the  interviews, the surveillance footage, and the social media posts, the FBI has more than enough to work with. And then, the only place the man who calls himself Kevin “Ultra MAGA Downey, will be doing standup – is in jail.

Original reporting by Ryan J. Reilly at NBC News.

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