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CONVICTED: Cop who assisted in the murder of George Floyd sentenced

CONVICTED: Cop who assisted in the murder of George Floyd sentenced

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Former Minneapolis Police Officer Thomas Lane has been sentenced to 2.5 years for violating the civil rights of George Floyd..

After a five-week trial, the jury found the former officer “guilty of depriving Floyd of his constitutional right to be free from a police officer’s deliberate interference to serious medical needs,” citing Lane’s failure to act, “resulted in bodily injury and the death of Floyd.”

Holding Floyd’s legs down while convicted murderer and former MPD officer Derek Chauvin knelt on the man’s neck, Lane received half the sentence recommended by prosecutors.

This led members of the victim’s family to express their frustration after the hearing.

Brother Philonise, told reporters “I think it’s insulting that he didn’t get the maximum amount of time.”

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Visibly upset, Floyd’s cousin, Brandon Williams, criticized the judge. “I’m angry and fed up. The judge came up with the guidelines that sentencing should range from 33-41 months, but at his discretion chose to go with 30 months.”


Assistant Attorney General for the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, Kristin Clarke, said, “The tragic death of George Floyd makes clear the fatal consequences that can result when an officer’s failure to protect people in their custody.”

“Had this defendant and other officers on the scene with Derek Chauvin taken simple steps, George Floyd would be alive today. This sentence should send a message that protecting people in custody is the affirmative duty and obligation of every law enforcement officer, regardless of one’s rank and seniority,” Clarke continued.

Investigated by both the FBI and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, U.S. Attorney Andrew M. Luger said in a statement, “In the critical last minutes of George Floyd’s life, former officer Lane understood the seriousness of the situation.”

In May 2020, the world watched as Minneapolis Police Office Derek Chavin knelt on the neck of George Floyd for 9 minutes and 29 seconds — sparking worldwide protests and amplifying the Black Lives Matter movement.

Chauvin received a 22.5-year sentence almost a year later.

Lane is awaiting sentencing in his state trial, scheduled for Sept. 4th.

Read the Justice Dept. Press Release here.

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