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OPINION: The WWE’s Vince McMahon deserves no respect

OPINION: The WWE’s Vince McMahon deserves no respect

OPINION: The WWE's Vince McMahon deserves no respect

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This is going to be one of the most toughest articles I had to write, simply because I have been a fan of the WWE for more than 30 years and had the upmost respect for Vince McMahon for all what he’s done for the business.

When the story of the allegations of his misconduct came out, I read how the media labeled them as “affairs,” My original reaction to that was OK, so he didn’t want to get the news of his affairs out which is understandable because a person in his position wanted the public to think he was a happily married man with a family and family owned business.

Having affairs are in no doubt anything to praise or to be ignored, but affairs are committed by two consenusal adults, and I thought, why the outrage? People are flawed and will make mistakes, and these affairs are bad, they shouldn’t over shadow his accomplishments in the WWE.

Vince McMahon announced his retirement from the WWE yesterday afternoon, and as a WWE fan I replied by giving him the accolades for his impact on the wrestling/sports entertainment business. Without relizing exactly what MchMahon had done, I replied to his tweet commending him for his impact on the sports entertain industry.

It was made known to me by the replies that he was accused of more than just having a consensual affair. I did further research on McMahon.

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I’ve learned as it states in this article that In 1992, now 64-year-old Rita Chatterton, WWE’s first female referee, came forward to accuse McMahon of raping her in his limo in 1986. Her allegation was recently supported by former wrestler Leonard Inzitari, 56, who said he saw Chatterton after the alleged attack.

I’ve done some more research and the payments to the women were more than just to keep their affairs quiet. He abused his power by using the settlements which included $7.5 million to a former wrestler who said McMahon coerced her into giving him oral sex and then demoted her. Read more here.

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Why does the media down play what Vince McMahon have done to women over the years? He has abused his position of power to rape, control and silence women and he deserve no praise or accolydes. As bad as I am feeling having to write this article, it doesn’t compare to what he has put women through.

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Vince McMahon deserves no respect for his sins of sexual misconduct, rape, and abuse of power.

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