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OPINION: Republicans have screwed over veterans yet again

OPINION: Republicans have screwed over veterans yet again

OPINION: Republicans have screwed over veterans yet again

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The Senate Republicans have blocked the PACT act, a bill that would help veterans like myself who suffered from being exposed to the burn pits in Afghanistan.

Every patriotic American, regardless of their political party, background, etc. who loves the troops must ask the Republican Party: why did they block this bill? What is the justification to fuck over our nation’s heroes who put their life on the line?

The troops bust their asses out in excruciating environments, work long hours of the day during deployments, and yet these Republicans deny benefits to our country’s heroes?

I do apologize to my readers for my language but this issue is a very personal one for me. I am sick and tired of Republicans using and abusing veterans over politics. There is absolutely no justification for them to deny the PACT act.

Republicans can send billions in foreign aid but think it’s too much to help American veterans that fight their wars? I believe that the real reason that they blocked the bill was that Joe Manchin agreed to pass the Build Back Better plan.

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I will add to this that the Republican Party and conservative pundits will tell their voters to vote for them because they support the troops, or say that kneeling to the flag or anthem during sporting events offends the military and veterans. Wrong! Blocking bills that would support veterans is what’s offensive.

Republicans, stop lying to the American people when you say the GOP supports veterans —  because your actions prove otherwise. I will do my best to remind the American people of what you have done. History will not look kindly on the GOP for screwing veterans over.

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I demand that every Republican who has voted against this bill explain why.

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My last thought for the American people is: if you really care about veterans and the military, please show us with actions by voting these Republicans out of office.

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David Weissman
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