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CRAZYTOWN: Alex Jones goes off the rails in Sandy Hook trial testimony

CRAZYTOWN: Alex Jones goes off the rails in Sandy Hook trial testimony

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Infowars host Alex Jones had a major outburst in the courtroom yesterday after testimony from the parents of the victims of the Sandy Hook shootings, calling a victim’s father “mentally challenged” and accusing the parents of being brainwashed by the media.

With Jones coughing continuously in the courtroom, the mother of six-year-old Jesse Lewis who was killed in the mass shooting, went to give Jones a bottle of water for his cough – only to have the conspiracy theorist tell the parents that they were being manipulated with “fake news.”

Jones doubled down on his awfulness and gaslighted the parents.

“I was being honest on air,” Jones told the parents.

“We’re not doing this. That’s not even a thought. That’s not the way this goes,” an attorney for the parents defensively replied.

“Why? So you can’t feed them fake videos anymore?” Jones retorted.

“Shut your f*cking mouth,” the attorney profanely replied.

“Because you’re trying to shut my mouth, you’ll never succeed,” Jones told the lawyer, before telling a victim’s father, “I’m autistic too buddy.”

Scarlett Lewis didn’t hold back in the courtroom. She let Alex Jones know how she feels about his conspiracy theories and what they’ve done to her and her family.

“Jesse was real,” Lewis tells Jones. “I am a real mom.”

“I am a mother, first and foremost, and I know you are a father,” Lewis said. “My son existed … I know you know that.”

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The Infowars host has perpetuated lies that Sandy Hook was a “false flag,” dismissing the pain of the parents of the children killed in the mass shooting, and giving the green light for his rabid fans to harass the victims.

Lewis told Jones:

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“Having a six-year-old shot in his forehead in his classroom is unbearable … And then to have someone on top of that perpetuate a lie that it was a hoax, that it didn’t happen, that it was a false flag, that I was an actress – You think I’m an actress?”

While Jones responded to Lewis in court, saying he doesn’t think she’s an actor, he told the media a different story, calling the trial a “witch hunt” and equating it to “show trials” in Nazi Germany.

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Condemning the conspiracy theorists’ actions and the damage he has caused the surviving families, Lewis continued:

“I think you know that Sandy Hook is real and that it happened. … But I don’t think you understand – at all – the repercussions of going on air with a huge audience and lying and calling this a hoax. … You don’t understand that.”

Neil Heslin, the father of six-year-old Jesse Lewis, testified to harassment and threats he received online and in person because of Alex Jones’ lies, telling the courtroom that both his home and car had been shot at.

“What was said about me and Sandy Hook itself resonates around the world,” Heslin said. “As time went on, I truly realized how dangerous it was … My life has been threatened. I fear for my life, I fear for my safety.”

Lewis spoke of death threats and harassment at her home, telling the court, “The fear and anxiety and unsafeness … keeps me from healing. It definitely negatively impacts the healing process.”

The chickens are finally coming home to roost, and Jones is learning the hard way that words have consequences. Though no judgment can bring back Jesse Lewis, hopefully, this court proceeding serves as a warning to the conspiracy theorist and others seeking to profit off the pain of parents and children who have fallen victim to gun violence and use tragedy as a culture war political pawn – that enough is enough.

It has been 10 years since 20 first graders and six school staffers were killed in the Sandy Hook massacre. There are real live grieving parents who did nothing more than send their children to school that day. Alex Jones unleashed hate and conspiracy on the families of those killed.

Scarlett Lewis pled with her tormentor, saying “It seems so incredible to me that we have to do this. That we have to implore you – not just implore you, punish you – to get you to stop lying…it is surreal what is going on here.

Heslin and Lewis are seeking $150 million. The jury has yet to decide the amount.

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