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OPINION: History will remember Alex Jones as a domestic terrorist

OPINION: History will remember Alex Jones as a domestic terrorist

BREAKING: Alex Jones must pay Sandy Hook families nearly $1 billion

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If you have been having doubts about karma and need something to help strengthen your hope that justice prevails, look no further than the ongoing trial of Alex Jones. (video below)

Watching him on the stand made me feel satisfied that justice was finally being served.  When Jones said Sandy Hook was real, I hope that admission will give closure to the families of the victims and to the people who survived.

When the heroic lawyer for the parents of the young victims revealed that he got all of Jones’ messages, I felt sick to my stomach.

Jones is nothing short of being a monster.

He’s a domestic terrorist.

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One of the most despicable human beings on the face of the earth. He helped bring in the Trump presidency by using his platform to spread conspiracy theories about Democrats and, worst of all, the mass shooting at Sandy Hook.

The audacity of this man’s evil harassment of SandyHook victims and their families is finally catching up to him. People like him not only prey on survivors of mass shootings, they prey on the fear that Conservatives have of their guns being taken away by saying things like the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax.

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Alex Jones is arguably a key player in the insurrection on January 6th. He used his platform to help spread the big lie saying the election was stolen. He was chanting slogans like “1776 — the year of our revolution,” hoping it would motivate Trump supporters to storm the Capitol.

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Much like most of these criminals who testified before the January 6th committee, he pleaded the 5th to avoid accountability.

The latest damning evidence to be found in Jones’s inadvertent data dump is the child porn in the documents given to the prosecutors by his legal team.

But finally, as we see the trial moving forward, there is no avoiding responsibility this time.

We are watching his demise in real-time, and it’s glorious to see a monster like him getting his.

And with the announcement just moments ago that Jones will be forced to pay $4.1 million to the parents in just this first case — with two more yet to be tried — Jones is getting exactly what he deserves.

Free speech has limits just like anything else, and words have consequences. It is about time that Alex Jones met his demise and faced accountability.

History will not look kindly at this monster, and we shouldn’t forget what he has done so that history will not repeat itself.

I can never understand what the family members of the victims of Sandy Hook must be feeling right now, but I hope they will have peace of mind when they finally have justice for the sins of Alex Jones.

No family should ever wonder if this is the last time they will see their child when they are sent off to school. We must do all that we can to hold those accountable who help perpetuate mass shootings and gun violence.

Below watch a mortal blow to the Alex Jones grift machine:

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