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HISTORIC WIN! Senate Democrats pass Inflation Reduction Act with tie-breaking vote from VP Harris

HISTORIC WIN! Senate Democrats pass Inflation Reduction Act with tie-breaking vote from VP Harris

HISTORIC WIN! Senate Democrats pass Inflation Reduction Act with tie-breaking vote from VP Harris

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President Biden and the Democratic Party accomplished a major victory today as the Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act containing much-needed reforms to health care policy, climate action, and taxation without a single Republican vote. In a 50-50 vote, the bill was pushed over into the margin of victory by a tie-breaking vote from Vice President Kamala Harris.

Although some of the provisions of the bill were weakened by amendments introduced during the “Vote-a-Rama” portion of the debate of the bill — most notably the removal of a $35 price cap on the cost of insulin paid by people with private health insurance — Democrats rejoiced over their hard-fought victory for a bill that, although less comprehensive and ambitious than President Biden’s Build Back Better initiative, still contains many of the most necessary provisions of that earlier bill.

Top Democratic leaders crowed over the victory on social media after the gavel went down and the bill was approved.

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Even Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), one of the two primary obstacles to the original Build Back better bill, was effusive in his support for the bill that he negotiated in its wake.

The response from progressive voices on Twitter was equally positive, although somewhat leavened by the disappointment that all of the measures included in the Build Back Better plan did not make it into the compromise Inflation Reduction Act.

The Senate version of the Inflation Reduction Act must now be approved by the House of Representatives and signed by President Biden before it becomes the law of the land, but no one anticipates that either of those steps will present an obstacle to its final passage.

It remains to be seen whether this unprecedented accomplishment under our current polarized political environment will help Democrats win additional seats in Congress in the upcoming midterm elections, but the momentum right now is with the Democrats as they shepherd in legislation containing multiple benefits for average Americans that will finally help take action against the climate emergency and reduce rising medical expenses.

Hopefully, the American electorate will recognize which party is working on behalf of their interests and which is solely looking out for the benefit of their corporate fat cat political donors.

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