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WHAAAAAH: Donald Trump is FURIOUS because the FBI broke into his safe at Mar-a-Lago

WHAAAAAH: Donald Trump is FURIOUS because the FBI broke into his safe at Mar-a-Lago

WHAAAAAH: Donald Trump is FURIOUS because the FBI broke into his safe at Mar-a-Lago

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The FBI raided the Palm Beach home of ex-president Trump on Monday – executing a search warrant and breaking into his safe. In true Trump fashion, the perpetual victim released a statement calling the Mar-a-Lago raid “inappropriate,” and “unnecessary.”

Social media warriors wasted no time trolling the permanently Twitter-banned former guy, making fun of his unsurprising and predictable whining:

It didn’t take long for the collective MAGA meltdown to begin, with Trump allies and sycophants echoing his sentiment that the raid equated the U.S. to a “Third World Country.”

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But the democracy-loving side of the internet was having none of it.

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Trump loyalist and right-wing propaganda pusher Dan Bongino criticized the FBI in a Fox News interview Monday, saying:

“I have paid due deference to the FBI for a long time, and a lot of listeners didn’t like it because I worked with some very good people over there who have since retired.”

The former Secret Service agent accused the agency of “shredding” its credibility with the search and putting its reputation in jeopardy.

With Trump at the center of several state and federal investigations for his role in trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election and inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, this is the latest in a growing list of legal woes.

Prior to the raid, Trump had come under scrutiny for removing boxes of confidential White House documents that should have been turned over to the National Archives – instead taking them to his Florida resort in violation of the Presidential Records Act.

Despite previous criticism for what has been considered a lack of urgency by the Justice Department in investigating and holding the ex-President accountable for his crimes, Attorney General Merrick Garland and his team appear to be picking up the pace. Between being caught with official White House records in his home, and recent reports of trying to get rid of key communications by flushing them down the toilet – it appears Trump’s attempts to regain power are headed down the same drain.

Accountability is coming.

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