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MAGA MELTDOWN: Trump supporters throw public tantrum outside Mar-A-Lago

MAGA MELTDOWN: Trump supporters throw public tantrum outside Mar-A-Lago

MAGA MELTDOWN: Trump supporters throw public tantrum outside Mar-A-Lago

After news broke of Trump’s Mar-A-Lago residence being searched by the FBI on Monday, the disgraced former president’s MAGA supporters did what they do best – a flag convoy. Gathering outside of the ex-President’s resort in a show of cultish solidarity, Trump fanatics assembled, waving flags with slogans like “Florida For Trump,” “Trump 2024,” and “Biden Is Not My President.

As first reported by NBC 6 News reporter Cristian Benavides in Miami, Trump flag-covered vehicles and supporters of the MAGA king converged at the entrance to the resort they’d never be allowed to enter in actual life.

Apparently, irony isn’t their strong suit.

Though the official reason for the warrant and subsequent raid hasn’t been made public, it’s been widely speculated that the search is related to the former guy taking privileged documents from the White House to his home after being ceremoniously booted from the West Wing.

Trump reportedly took over a dozen boxes of classified documents in Jan. 2021.

Supporters of the crime-prone former commander-in-chief were eager to share their misplaced grievance at him being held accountable for breaking the law. According to one Mar-A-Lago demonstrator:

“We live in a police state that the FBI and the Democrats are using the justice system for political ends as if we were in a Third World Country.”

58-year-old Cuban exile Elaine Fandino said, “I see this as really wrong.”

Ummmm, no – it’s called the normal functioning of the justice system.

Florida’s reigning fascist governor Ron DeSantis took to Twitter to condemn the search as a “weaponization of federal agencies.”

DeSantis conveniently leaves out the part where he’s used his power as governor to go after parents who support their LGBTQ+ children, to attempt to shut down small businesses he doesn’t agree with, to restrict access to the Covid vaccine by the state’s most vulnerable populations, and to fine the Special Olympics tens of millions of dollars for trying to protect their participants.

But the scene outside of the Palm Beach enclave was still a sight to behold.

Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele backed up the FBI’s move, tweeting “Trump failed to return classified docs requested by the National Archives. A federal judge issued a search warrant for probable cause about a crime. This is not some random move by the FBI.”

Remember, this is the same group that has been screaming about “law and order” for the past two years. Now, they sure seem to have an issue with the same system of law and order holding those whom they support accountable and finally providing justice.

Original reporting by Cristian Benavides at NBC News Miami. 

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