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CRUDITÉ: Fetterman mocks Dr. Oz grocery shopping fail in new fundraising email

CRUDITÉ: Fetterman mocks Dr. Oz grocery shopping fail in new fundraising email

CRUDITÉ: Fetterman mocks Dr. Oz grocery shopping fail in new fundraising email

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John Fetterman, the Pennsylvania Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, should get an A+ for trolling. In a fundraising email sent out on Monday, Fetterman, the state’s Lt. Governor, ridiculed his Trump-backed Republican opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, after a video of the former TV doctor shopping in a local grocery store went viral.

“Omg. I never dreamt “Dr. Oz” and “crudités would trend nationally on Twitter (on my birthday), but here we are. I mean I guess that’s what they call it in Hollywood. But here in PA we just call that a…veggie tray.”

The video that Fetterman’s referring to shows Dr. Oz “perusing” the produce section of the Pennsylvania grocery chain Redner’s Market. The doctor picks up carrots, asparagus, pre-packaged guacamole, and salsa,  supposedly to make a “crudité” for his wife. Not only does Oz look staged and out of place, he apparently doesn’t know where he’s shopping.

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This didn’t go unnoticed by Fetterman, who wrote in the email:

“Also it was incredibly obvious that this was Dr. Oz’s first time stepping inside a Redner’s Market – or as he referred to it, “Werner’s” [eye rolling emoji] (there are a few Wegmans near his home in New Jersey).”

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, the Lt. Governor and former mayor (Braddock. PA 2006-2019) continuously calls out Dr. Oz on his New Jersey residency. The former television doctor also maintains dual citizenship status with his native country, Turkey.

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Fetterman rounded out his email with a sticker that supporters can purchase that perfectly captures the political moment.

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“So, to honor Dr. Oz’s love for Crudité (and also because it’s my birthday) we’re launching this NEW limited edition sticker.”

“‘Let Them eat Crudité.’ Because there’s nothing more out of touch than calling a veggie tray some French word,” Fetterman’s email read.

Even the Wegner’s supermarket chain joined the fun in mocking Dr. Oz, throwing in an endorsement of Fetterman in the process.

To the delight of Democratic voters, in addition to his online trolling, John Fetterman has returned to the campaign trail after suffering a minor stroke three months ago.

A poll conducted by Momentive/SurveyMonkey for the nonpartisan Center Street PAC taken between July 29-Aug 1, showed Fetterman with a 17% lead over his opponent.

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