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“QANON QUEEN”: Plans to make citizen’s arrest of police in Canada fails miserably

“QANON QUEEN”: Plans to make citizen’s arrest of police in Canada fails miserably

"QANON QUEEN": Plans to make citizen's arrest of police in Canada fails miserably

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When Canada’s self-proclaimed QAnon Queen, Romana Didulo, told her followers to perform so-called “citizens arrests” of police officers in the country, things didn’t go as expected. Protesting outside the Petersborough, Ontario police department, Didulo, and her conspiracy theory-believing faithful had the tables turned on them by law enforcement – leading to several of her flock being arrested.

As Vice News recounts, Didulo’s plan resulted in one follower being “charged with two counts of assaulting police” another follower being slapped with “charges of mischief and resisting arrest” and a third being “arrested and charged with a myriad of charges, including assaulting a peace officer with a weapon.”

Didulo promoted the protest on her Telegram channel, asking her followers, “Who amongst you are prepared and ready to keep your city safe, peaceful, and secure after you’ve peacefully arrested Petersborough Ontario Police?”

One of the “Queen’s” most forceful believers, Frank Curtin, posted a video of the altercation, VICE News reported.

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The group was stopped from entering the station by a locked door. Protestors spent several unsuccessful hours calling 911 and yelling for the officers to come outside.

“Unfortunately, because the police knew we were coming today, they’ve locked all the doors,” Curtin said on a livestream. “At some point in time, they’re going to have to leave. So when that time comes, we are going to make a citizen’s arrest on the individual.”

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Fleeing to her RV and denying participation in the interaction with police, this isn’t the first time Ramada Didulo has led her followers astray and left them in the lurch.

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“A gentle reminder that Her Royal Majesty Queen Romana Didulo Commander-in-Chief and Queen of the Kingdom of Canada was in Peterborough Ontario yesterday as an observer NOT participant,” she wrote Sunday.

Petersborough Mayor Diane Therrien ridiculed Queen Didulo and her blind faithful – referring to the group as “imbeciles” and “fuckwads.”

The QAnon Queen previously told her believers that utilities were free at her “decree,” and to stop paying their bills. When cult members reached out to their leader for help after their utilities were shut off – she simply ignored them.

Read the police press release here.

Original reporting by Mack Lamoureux at VICE News

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