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RACE TO THE BOTTOM: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announces plans to bus migrants out of his state

RACE TO THE BOTTOM: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announces plans to bus migrants out of his state

RACE TO THE BOTTOM: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announces plans to bus migrants out of his state

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Without apparent irony, Florida Lt. Governor Jeanette Nuñez, the daughter of Cuban immigrant refugees, announced Gov. Ron DeSantis’ plans to bus undocumented migrants from the Sunshine State — where so many Cuban immigrants landed on America’s shores for the first time — to President Biden’s home state of Delaware.

In an interview on a Miami-based Spanish language radio show, Nuñez said:

“Where they want to arrive is Florida, there is no doubt bout that. I think that what we have done and what we are trying to continue doing is to have a position at the state level. Because you know, the state has no jurisdiction over the issue of migration but we have jurisdiction over the welfare of our residents and our communities and therefore Governor worked with the legislature to secure funds for try to ensure that those people who come illegally He again will not remain with crossed arm. He will not be thinking about what he going to do? He is going to send then, quite frankly to the state of Delaware, to the state of the President.”

The governor had previously suggested potentially busing migrants to Martha’s Vineyard – because former President Barack Obama has a home there. DeSantis even budgeted $12 million to transport and relocate undocumented migrants out of Florida, according to The Boston Herald.

Gov. DeSantis is following in the footsteps of fellow Republicans, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey – who have been sending buses from their states to so-called “Democrat-run cities,” like New York and Washington, D.C.

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Abbott faced public criticism and backlash that his actions equated to “human trafficking.  SiriusXMs Dean Obeidallah tweeted:

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In April, DeSantis warned migrants being bused from Texas to the nation’s Capitol to stay away from the state of Florida. After a bus with 23 migrants arrived in DC, they told Fox News that they are planning to head down to Miami, Florida, likely by train. DeSantis said, “Do not come to Florida. Life will not be easy for you.”

DeSantis, like Abbott, is up for re-election in 2022 and is facing tough competition from his Democratic opponent Charlie Crist. Hopefully, before more human lives become unwilling pawns in the GOP culture war games, Florida – and America – will see the last of DeSantis come November.

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