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MUST WATCH: Alex Jones begs Trump’s forgiveness in embarrassing new video

MUST WATCH: Alex Jones begs Trump’s forgiveness in embarrassing new video

MUST WATCH: Alex Jones begs Trump's forgiveness in embarrassing new video

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Alex Jones recorded a video addressed to Donald Trump after the Infowars host started receiving massive backlash from his audience for announcing on an episode of his show last week that he was getting off the Trump train in favor of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in 2024.

In what can be interpreted as “groveling,” Jones walked back his earlier comments:

“So, this is my emergency message to you, Mr. President. To go and actually watch the first 30 minutes of Thursday’s show, we’ll put a link to it below here so you can see what I said in context. The corporate media edited down to a 30-second clip to make it sound like I’m only for DeSantis and that I’ve abandoned you – that’s not true. It’s the contrary. I understand you’re under attack. I understand you’re surrounded and I’m trying to get you to reassess the situation. I know people like Don are telling you to reassess the situation.”

Jones’ contrition is a complete 180 from what he said just days before when he claimed that he supported Trump during the 2020 election because he “needed it” to beat his opponent Joe Biden, but that now there was someone “way” better – DeSantis.

According to The Independent:

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“‘I am supporting DeSantis. DeSantis has just gone from being awesome to being unbelievably good’ said Mr. Jones. ‘I can look into his eyes on HD video, and I see the real sincerity. We have someone who is better than Trump. Way better than Trump,’ Mr. Jones said, adding that the Florida governor is the person Mr. Trump ‘should be like.’”

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No stranger to speaking before he thinks, Jones was recently ordered to pay nearly $50 million in compensatory and punitive damages after losing a defamation suit filed by the parents of Sandy Hook victim, Jesse Lewis – Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis – for calling the tragedy a “hoax” and for falsely claiming the parents were “crisis actors.”

Former President Trump isn’t known to be forgiving of those he considers to have betrayed him – it’s his way or the highway when it comes to loyalty. Alex Jones humiliating himself in his video “apology” may just be too little too late for the King of MAGA-Lago.

Watching Jones grovel, however, is priceless.

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