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NEW BOOK: Giuliani recuperated at Mar-a-Lago after 2008 mental meltdown

NEW BOOK: Giuliani recuperated at Mar-a-Lago after 2008 mental meltdown

NEW BOOK: Giuliani recuperated at Mar-a-Lago after 2008 mental meltdown

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After a failed bid for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his third wife Judith moved into Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort after the disgraced attorney had a mental meltdown and started drinking excessively. “We moved into Mar-a-Lago and Donald kept our secret,” Judith Giuliani is quoted as saying in Andrew Kirtzman’s new book, Giuliani:  The Rise and Tragic Fall of America’s Mayor. 

According to the former Mrs. Giuliani, Rudy fell into “what, I knew as a nurse, was a clinical depression,” after his primary loss.

“She said he started to drink more heavily,” Kirtzman writes. “While Giuliani was always fond of drinking scotch with his cigars while holding court at the Grand Havana or Club Mac, his friends never considered him a problem drinker. Judith felt he was drinking to dull the pain.”

The pair reportedly moved into a bungalow across the street from the ex-President’s Palm Beach estate – connected by underground tunnels that allowed access to and from Mar-a-Lago without media surveillance.

The former Trump attorney — and New York City mayor — has long been the subject of ridicule and criticism for his erratic, unprofessional, and unhinged behavior while helping his longtime friend try to illegally overturn the results of the 2020 election. It’s Giuliani who was credited with Trump’s refusal to accept defeat, and former Trump senior adviser Jason Miller testified before the Jan. 6 House Select Committee that on election night, the presidential advisor was “definitely intoxicated.

According to Kirtzman, Judith Giuliani said that during the couple’s sabbatical at Mar-a-Lago, her then-husband was “speaking to therapists” and “always falling shitfaced somewhere.”

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Prior to failing to capture the presidential nomination in 2008, Giuliani failed in his 2000 Senate run – trailing Hillary Clinton for most of his doomed campaign.

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Still married to Donna Hanover at that time, Giuliani began stepping out with the woman who would become his future third wife – Judith Nathan.

In early August, Judith Giuliani filed a suit against her ex-husband claiming he owes over $250,000 from their divorce,  citing country club dues, money from a jointly-owned condo, and $5,000 a month for an assistant or housekeeper.

Rudy Giuliani has been named as a target in Fulton County District Fani Willis’ investigation into Trump’s and his allies’ attempts to overturn 2020 election results – testifying for over six hours before a grand jury last week. Recent revelations that Giuliani’s request for a pardon and the Presidential Medal of Freedom went unanswered by Trump suggest that the former President’s hospitality may have ended with the bungalow.

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