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OPINION: Charlie Crist and I are both former Republicans. Here’s why he’s the right Democrat for Florida

OPINION: Charlie Crist and I are both former Republicans. Here’s why he’s the right Democrat for Florida

OPINION: Charlie Crist and I are both former Republicans. Here's why he's the right Democrat for Florida

It’s official, Charlie Crist is the Democratic nominee for governor of the state of Florida. Both Democratic candidates were great and would have done well for our state, but the majority of Florida has spoken.

We all need to rally behind Charlie Crist. That is the only way we can dethrone the wanna-be fascist dictator Ron DeSantis. I really believe Crist will make a great governor, and here’s why.

Being a former Republican does have its advantages because we know how the other side thinks and operates. Having a former Republican-turned-Democrat who can relate to all Floridians as a governor is a great idea, especially when it comes to issues like gun safety and the second amendment.

Being able to relate to all constituents is something that all elected officials should be able to do. They should not just aim to please their base.

Having a former Republican as governor can possibly help build bridges with Independents, single-issue voters, and moderate Republicans, and, if we are lucky, possibly a few people from Trump’s base.

Charlie Crist is right for the job of the Governor of Florida because he cares about table talk issues. Being a former Republican, he can explain to conservative voters why having safe and legal abortions is good for women.

He will be able to debunk the lies by Republicans and right-wing pundits regarding this sensitive issue.

His plan for women’s rights will definitely set women forward and give them the power and right to control their own reproductive destinies. You can see more of his women’s reproduction policies here.

Charlie Crist supports the first amendment regardless of political views and will welcome any members of the press  —unlike Ron DeSantis who has kicked out journalists for being known Democrats.

Crist supports the right to vote and will do his best to make it easier for all Floridians to be able to vote, unlike DeSantis who has done everything in his power to nullify the ballot measure restoring voting rights to convicted felons who have already served their sentences.

While Ron DeSantis makes his “war on woke-ism” a priority, Crist is focusing on the exorbitant rent and housing prices in Florida that make it prohibitively expensive to live here.

In conclusion, these are just some of the many reasons why I  personally believe Charlie Crist is a better choice to become the governor of Florida.

He’s someone who will represent all Floridians, he will address the actual issues that Floridians care about, and he’s not an incipient fascist dictator like his opponent, DeSantis.

David M. Weissman is a former Republican who has seen the light. 

You can follow him on Twitter here.

This is an opinion column that solely represents the viewpoint of the author. 

David Weissman
Opinion columnist and Army veteran. Former MAGA, now a Biden voter.

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